“This game is so shaky,” xQc yells as he dies repeatedly while playing Warzone 2 with Nadia and Kai Cenat

After a weird misunderstanding in Instagram DMs, Twitch streamer xQc was spotted playing Warzone 2 with Nadia. A few days ago he got a text message from Nadia asking him “Wanna play.” The streamer who had stopped streaming responded by saying “I’ll make you next time I play this video game.”

This caused a bit of a misunderstanding between the two as x wanted to say Qc “I’ll send you DM” he explained to Kai Cenat in another live stream.

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xQc, Nadia play Warzone 2 after autocorrect debacle

In a stream on November 27, xQc and Nadia were spotted playing Warzone 2 together. Viewers seem to enjoy their gameplay a lot. Although Kai Cenat also played with them, the audience enjoyed the two together.

Nadia asks xQc “How often do you play Warzone? Are you playing… Are you good?” xQc replies to this “I’m fine, fine. Yo chill.”

The whole stream was filled with instances of both having fun and crushing enemies together. There were also times when xQc raged because the game was buggy. The French-Canadian streamer could hear the game screaming at him as he died from a delay for the first time.

“Hey dude… fix the game. This game is sooo shaky.”

Upon entering the second round, xQc was heard to be said “Not again.” Then Nadia asked him “What happened?”

“The game is so sluggish. My FPS keeps dropping.” yelled xQc after dying again.

While all of this was happening, Kai Cenat had his own problems. So much so that he ended up beating up his table after dying of a needle.

What DM was sent to Nadia?

Speaking to Kai Cenat on another stream, xQc explained the whole matter. Both streamers could be seen having a back and forth and screaming session when Kai finally said:

“Did you say you’re going to fuck her after the game?”

xQc wanted to finish his story so he yelled at him and continued telling his side of the story.

“Let me finish, let me finish, let me finish. So then I say, “What the hell?” Then I said ‘DM’ with a star. I would say I’ll DM you next time, I said instead “I’ll DM you next time”. And then I said, ‘Never mind, just block me.’”

The French-Canadian streamer said he’s new to using an iPhone and doesn’t know the extent to which it can auto-correct him. While many people understood his story, there were many who questioned him about his recent past.

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