Things we wish we knew before we started the DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle is a tactical RPG that features quite a bit of combat (and we’ve got a guide for that below), but like any great game in this genre, there’s a lot to cover outside of combat as well. There’s just enough going on here that you might end up a bit overwhelmed.

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Luckily, we’ve put together a bunch of helpful advice to keep you on track. From balancing the books to making better choices with your skill points, these tips will ensure you can approach The DioField Chronicle with confidence.


difficulty and you

Easy? Middle? Difficult? We see that you are stressed and we understand. However, let us help allay those fears. The hard difficulty isn’t weirdly, sadistically hard. Also, it doesn’t turn the enemies into damage sponges. In fact, the only thing it seems to affect is the damage you take.

Using Normal difficulty as a base, you take 50 percent less damage with Easy, while you take 50 percent more damage with Hard. In all honesty, we found that the high difficulty spiced things up nicely without getting too overwhelming in the process. So, If you’re a veteran of these types of games, we’d say it’s worth starting on the hard difficulty setting.

And don’t worry, if you find it a bit too much, you can definitely take it down a shot afterwards. You are not tied to the difficulty level you chose at the beginning of the game! You cannot change the difficulty level during combat, but otherwise you can adjust it at any time.

Choosing the right dub for you

Let’s start by saying that we think both dubs are pretty good. So if quality is your main concern, we think both dubs will suit you well. The setting is very medieval fantasy, which some will probably mistake for the English dub. And that is indeed a good decision.

But we say so The characters are a bit more stoic and straightforward in the English dub. The Japanese dub seems to have a bit more range and color. Both approaches are valid, however If you are not happy with the dub you originally chose, you may want to try the other for size on. Thankfully, you can switch between the two at any time outside of combat. So you never have to worry about being trapped with a dub you can’t stand.

It is worth noting that the combat dialogue is not subtitled. So if this is a deal-breaker for you, then you should probably stick with the English dub.

All missions are repeatable

This tip is specifically for people who are very early in the game, missed a reward or two in a fight and are considering reloading their previous save. You don’t have to reset anything!

About halfway through the first chapter, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in “training battles,” which give you an opportunity to replay battles. So if you missed a treasure chest, don’t sweat it. You can try this fight again without having to throw away all those sweet experience points you’ve accumulated.

If you want to grind, this is the place for that too. Although many of the rewards can only be obtained once, this is a great way to get extra experience and gold.

balancing your income

Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult to balance your income when trying to equip multiple troops at once. However, even though you have multiple characters in your squad, there are only four main characters at a time. Each primary character forms a unit with another secondary character; This secondary character does not affect the unit’s base stats. Instead, the secondaries bestow their abilities on the primaries.

What does this have to do with budgeting? Spring, This means you can move these attachments around if a character isn’t a primary unit. There’s no reason to have a helmet that offers extra protection to a secondary character. Knowing this can help you allocate your resources a little more wisely.

It’s worth noting that They eventually unlock the ability to swap units, making this tactic difficult to some degreebut there are still some units that you are less likely to swap out, so you can still use this method.

In a related note, when you are having a hard time deciding who to buy new equipment forsince you have a limited amount of equipment, We recommend giving to your tankier characters– like Izelair – priority. They’re the characters that often draw agro from opponents, and they’re often useful for stopping enemies when your other troops are flanking them. As such, making sure they have the best armor is a solid priority.

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Click on the books

After unlocking the library, we encourage you to try it. Not only does it give you a macro perspective on the conflict as a whole, but it also gives you detailed descriptions of each character, including insights into their pasts that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Many games have an in-game glossary, but this is one of the best we’ve come across.

This is also an incredible resource for people looking for a refresher. If you need to take a break for one reason or another (because life can get hectic), the library will help get you back on track. It really is a miracle.

Make sure you do your rounds

Whenever you return to base, you really should talk to anyone who has one of those green icons over their head. Sometimes a simple conversation can yield some pretty sizable rewards. They are a quick source of gold. Some of these will even help you increase your badge ranks.

And these badge ranks offer a range of buffs that will (permanently) improve all of your troops. Even if you’re dying to skip to the next main quest, it’s worth doing the rounds and making sure you’ve talked to everyone at the base.

Try it before you buy it

DioField has an interesting approach to combat abilities. Each weapon comes with a certain number of abilities. However, once you switch weapons, you lose those skills. Lucky for you You have the ability to permanently learn these attacks and abilities by spending skill points in the skill tree. But skill points are Not plentiful enough that you can toss them around willy-nilly.

So if you’re interested in a specific ability, consider equipping a weapon that has access to it and trying it out in one of the training battles. You won’t really know how good an ability is until you use it, so this is the perfect way to try it out before you commit.

There are recruitable characters!

That’s right folks. In fact, there are recruitable characters in DioField Chronicle. You get these characters by completing side quests. So if you felt like the rewards for those extra activities weren’t enough to make you care, think again.

While the quests themselves don’t specifically state that they reward you with a new character, Ultimately, if Lorraine’s introduction to the quest mentions a specific character, it may just be an opportunity to forge a beautiful new friendship.

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