These 3 motorcycle tips for cold weather riding will help tremendously

Motorcycles are cool to look at and fun to ride, but they can be tedious to ride when temperatures drop. You can’t warm up a bike like you can a car, and heated motorcycle seats don’t protect most of your body from cold winds. With no layers of sheet metal around you, you’re also exposed to sleet and snow. Riding a motorcycle in cold weather can be a nuisance at best and potentially dangerous at worst. If a motorcycle is your only transportation option, here are three ways to weather the cold weather.

1. Wear clothing when riding a motorcycle in cold weather

A motorcyclist rides through snowfall | Tobias Hase/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

Staying warm should be your number one priority when riding a motorcycle in cold weather, so wear layers. Start with a moisture-wicking fabric as a base layer that will prevent you from sweating too much. Nylon and polyester shirts are among the most breathable pieces of clothing.

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