The youngest visitor crushes Georgia’s ‘perfect’ football official as his potential rank skyrockets

Want to attack with the latest every day Recruitment in Georgian football the information? This is the intel. This rep has the latest with LB target CJ Allen of Lamar County High in Barnesville. He is ranked No. 10 in the nation and No. 167 overall prospect for 2023 in the 247Sports composite ratings.

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The folks who rank among the nation’s best recruits took a look at what CJ Allen did for Lamar County High School last fall. You saw the tackles he stacked (91) and the 1,000-yard season he’s had on the ground. He was recognized as the region’s MVP.

Allen was also a solid starter on the Lamar County basketball team, rounding out his three sports with all-around athletics in track and field.

Because of this, this week he has achieved a significant increase in his Recruit Rankings by accumulating an extra star to advance to a 4-Star Recruit. He is now a high 4 star prospect.

To put it in perspective, here’s where his 247Sports Composite rankings were headed during his official visit to Georgia last week and where they currently stand:

  • June 2, 2022: Nation’s No. 43 LB and the No. 486 overall prospect
  • June 9, 2022: Nation’s No. 10 LB and the No. 167 overall view

The pure 247Sports rating is even higher for Christian Jamar Allen. The 247 isolated rating now ranks him as the #3 prospect in Georgia for that cycle and the #60 overall recruit in the country.

That’s a “wow” jump right there. Rightly so.

The official visitor group in the city last weekend is all the more impressive. That’s now 11 visitors in town who are among the country’s top 175 recruits for 2023.

Allen also got a good look at Georgia during his trip. What did he think of his official visit to Athens?

“I would say it was definitely perfect,” Allen said. “It was definitely one to remember.”

What did he like best about it?

“Really just hanging out with the guys,” Allen said. “Some of the recruits. Hanging out with some of the current players. Then in conversation with Coach [Kirby] Clever. I think Coach Smart and I had a good chat, you know. We didn’t even talk about football. We talked about internships and degree programs.”

He also grew close with 4-star LB and Michigan engagement Raylen Wilson.

“Raylen, man, that’s my guy,” Allen said. “We were both the linebackers there. That’s my type. He was cool hanging out and talking to him.”

They talked about the possible chance to play together. He also liked the new uniform variant very much.

“Those were the only ones I photographed,” Allen said. “They are beautiful. They are so nice. Very beautiful.”

Are these uniforms better than the black jerseys?

“I think so,” he said. “Yes I think so. I’ll say the white jerseys. They stand out only because of the completely white and then also because of the red and black on the white helmets. It is nice.”

He said it was “really nice” to don a white Georgia helmet, which very few prospects were able to wear.

He ate some king prawns and lots of chicken tenders. Those were the best things he had to eat.

“I would say the best day was probably Friday,” Allen said. “It was my first day back in Athens. It was my first day seeing some people and the recruits and things like that and then talking to the Georgia players.

The camaraderie element stood out. Allen said he thought of it while taking group photos together at Sanford Stadium.

“It was nice,” he said. “It was like a nice potential group that could be together and play together. But no matter where all these guys go or where we all go, we will all succeed.”

What if they all went to the same school?

“That crossed my mind,” he said. “That would be dangerous. It would be a good group. If we all went to Georgia, we would reload the program where it is now. We would not undertake any remodeling.”

Allen said it was all love and none of the visitors felt left out.

After the official, how does he feel about the Bulldogs? It sounded like it meant more to him than just the chance to throw down that big bag of sour worm gummies that were stored in his hotel room.

“I think the same about Georgia,” he said. “All the best. It was all Georgia love from the start.”

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Conclusion: What did this official visit mean for Georgia?

Did the ‘Dawgs show him anything new during this visit?

“I would say that the opportunity to get internships and the opportunity to get a degree in Georgia really stands out,” he said. “The connections to the university and such.”

If he could only use one word to describe his official, he settled on “surreal” as his choice.

“Just being up there like you’re one of the players and stuff,” he said. “Of course you don’t practice with them, you just hang out with them and stuff. It was good. It was very interesting to see all of this over the past weekend.”

He said he was dealing with freshman LB Jalon Walker, redshirt freshman LB Smael Mondon and redshirt junior LB Trezmen Marshall. He talks a lot with Marshall, he said.

“These guys are all like big brothers to me,” he said. “They really haven’t spoken to me about recruitment. Of course we talked a bit about football, but we just had a great time together.”

What do those remaining officials need to do to match what he saw in Athens last weekend?

“That’s a good question,” he said. “I really don’t know, but those official visits to each school will always be hyped and jazzed up wherever you go. But that’s a good question. I really do not know it.”

Guess he just has to see this.

To wrap this up, we’re going to end up like Kirby Smart did with Allen. Smart is known for delivering something meaningful that will stick with any official visitor before they leave Athens.

That was some of Smart’s best stuff.

“He told me, ‘Don’t let football use you’ and I should see it that way,” Allen said. “He said to me, ‘Don’t let Georgia use you if you decide to come here,’ and what I had to do was, ‘Use Georgia during my time here in school with connections and internships and my degree.’ with all that. We had a really great conversation.”

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