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Heather Morganalso known by the pseudonym Razzlekhan, has denied that she is currently involved in any cryptocurrency or NFT related projects.

Rather, she warns that any crypto project using her name is a scam.

Bitfinex’s billion-dollar theft

It is known that Morgan was arrested some time ago for being accused of having played a role in the 2016 mega robbery of 119,754 BTC from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

She was arrested with her husband Ilya Lichtenstein, in February of this year, and hasn’t been heard from on Twitter since. A few days ago, she posted her first tweet since her arrest to say that anyone using her name in the cryptocurrency environment is doing so without her permission.

Along with her husband, she is accused by the FBI of laundering the stolen funds in 2016 Bitfinex. To do this, they used more than 2,000 transactions, transferring the stolen BTC from wallets to financial accounts.

According to the FBI, they allegedly used fake identities to register online accounts and used software to do so Automate transactionsand to avoid being tracked, distributed them across multiple dark web exchanges, sometimes changing them into other assets.

In this way, they moved more than 25,000 BTC over the years, while the other 94,000 were later recovered and confiscated by US authorities in February when they were more than worth in total $4.5 billion.

After her arrest in February, Heather Morgan was later released by a federal judge after posting $1 million bail. A hearing date is still pending.

Razzlekhan’s story

The alias “Razzlekhan” comes from the fact that she was also a New York street rapper, so much so that she shared one of her singles on Spotify entitled “Bleeding Buckets” just days before her arrest.

It is also known that she was previously a columnist for Forbes, for which she wrote about technology, security and financial fraud.

With the statement a few days ago, her career in the cryptocurrency world also seems to be over, not least because she faces a prison sentence of several years.

Finally, it should be remembered that the Bitfinex exchange not only survived this colossal theft, but eventually made it fully settle the matter with their numerous creditors.

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