The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 7 Live Stream: Watch Online

The Winchesters on The CW is back this week with the seventh episode of its premiere season. Here’s how to watch the latest episode of the Supernatural spin-off series online.

John Winchester has seen a lot in his short time as a hunter The Winchesters. However, seeing a funeral for a hunter in the previous episode wasn’t something he came prepared for, it was something he needed to see. He now has a clear understanding of what his job entails. It’s not just about killing monsters. The reality is that even hunters die. During all of this, Mary also got a chance to see that hunters can disappear from life as her old friend Tracy had successfully retired. Despite the circumstances, Mary was finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

When the hunted monster (the Soucouyant) shows up at Tracy’s house, John runs right after him. He’s lucky Mary was able to cut off the Soucouyant’s arm and he ran away. John’s reckless behavior has been an issue since Master of War. The irony is that the monster they hunt is linked to a hunter named Mac whom Tracy killed years ago. Mac’s spirit inhabits the Soucouyant and eventually possesses John. The idea was to use his body to try and kill Tracy.

Finally, Latika saves the day. All of her thoughts about not being a good slayer turned out to be wrong. As always, when they needed her, she was there. Thankfully, she didn’t use violence to save the day. It would have been out of character. Especially when they delve into their backstory.

Viewers learn why Latika is not a fighter like the others. It’s not that she can’t. She does not want to. She saw what anger and violence did to her and she doesn’t want to be that person again. It was good to get a glimpse of Latika’s past. Hopefully there will be more of that. If this author is honest, she is one of the most interesting characters in the series.

At the end of the episode, John admits that he used hunting to deal with his anger. While meditating with Latika, Carlos gives them news. They know where the Akrida are. But that’s just the beginning of the madness that’s about to unfold in the upcoming midseason finale, as the episode synopsis for “Reflections” suggests a lot is about to happen. Not only will Carlos and Latika search for information about the Akida, John and Mary will learn news about their fathers. And yes, that’s the episode to watch KleinvilleTom Welling’s debut as Samuel Campbell.

How to watch The Winchesters season 1 online

Detailed information on how to watch season 1 episode 7 of The Winchesters – and previous episodes in the series – can be found below, including start time, TV info, live stream and more:

Date: Tuesday December 6th
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Season: 1
Consequence: 7 “Reflections”
TV Info: The CW
Live broadcast:

“Reflections” airs first on The CW this Tuesday night and is available to watch on CWTV the next day — and it will be available to stream there for the next five weeks.

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