The video shows terrifying moments as passengers desperately fled the burning plane

A red air Flight carrying 126 passengers caught fire after it crashed on the runway at Miami International Airport on Tuesday. Three people suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital Independently reported.

One of the passengers managed to capture the harrowing experience of escaping the plane. The clip showed the chaotic moments as passengers hurriedly exited the plane. The passenger who captured the clip appears to be holding a water bottle and pushing a bag while other people scream.

Flight attendants were seen directing passengers to exit the plane. Passengers can be seen sliding down an inflatable slide with others. As they desperately flee the plane, smoke can be seen coming from the plane.

Watch the video here:

The flight came from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. “Actually, I thought I was going to die,” said Paola Garcia, a passenger CBS Miami. β€œThere was an old man next to me and I hugged him. It was awful,” Garcia added.

Scott Harrington, an aviation expert, was quoted as saying CBS Miami that it was a miracle that more people weren’t injured in the plane crash. “Absolutely, it seemed like I wasn’t quite sure of the details of this flight again, but it seemed like the pilots did a good job of keeping everything in one piece. To stop it so the plane can be stopped in a position where rescue equipment can access the plane,” Harrington said CBS Miami.

The airport said in a tweet that the landing gear collapse appears to have caused the fire. Sky news Report said the National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the incident.

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