The former NBA champion says Kevin Durant must adhere to the vision of every team he joins and says today is not about winning

Kevin Durant’s situation at the Brooklyn Nets is very unusual. After a disappointing season, the 12-time All-Star has requested a trade and listed a few teams as his favorite travel destinations.

While players keep asking for trades, Durant’s situation is unique because he has four years left on his contract.

Any team that adopts him will keep his services for the long term, which is great. What’s not great is the situation the Nets are in as KD was supposed to stay in Brooklyn for the duration of his contract.

Richard Jefferson, a former NBA champion, spoke about Durant’s long-term contract and what needs to be done for his next team.

“If you get Kevin Durant for four years, don’t just make it seem like we have to win today,” Jefferson said. “We can say, ‘Hey, that’s our core, and in the next year or two we can add those pieces and maybe our team will be fully staffed in the last two years of your contract.’

However, one has to wonder whether or not the two-time NBA Finals MVP will play with the new team throughout his contract.

Kevin Durant has to be very patient

Richard Jefferson compared Kevin Durant’s situation to the situation LeBron James found himself in a number of times.

“LeBron James won his sophomore year in LA,” Jefferson said. “He won his sophomore year in Cleveland. He won in his sophomore year in Miami. … Remember what LeBron James showed up in LA with and what became of it? So Kevin Durant and his team have to have the vision. “

Jefferson and James were very close and won a championship together in 2016. He knows his former team-mate and the approach he had over those years.

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However, unlike Durant, James never requested a swap. He signed with all of his teams in free agency and has always played throughout his contract.

James’ teams weren’t the best, but he held on to them and made them competitive. This is what Durant should do, as a little patience could go a long way.

Durant may not be traded to a competitor

The two-time NBA champion listed the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat as his favorite trading destinations. Phoenix and Miami finished first in their respective conferences last season.

While it’s clear Durant wants to be sold to a competitor, that may not be possible.

Kevin Durant’s wish list for Nets’ preferred trade destination: Phoenix Suns Miami Heat (via @wojespn)

The Brooklyn Nets want a lot of plays in exchange for their superstar, which is the right call. However, losing too many key pieces just to get Durant might not be right for every team.

As amazing as Durant is, he’ll be nearly 38 when his contract expires. He will also be paid more than $53 million in the last year of his contract. Because of this, his potential suitors have to think twice before offering Brooklyn a huge trade package.

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