The first free and equal digital country – the global themed conference HyperNation – was held

London – The global conference under the motto “HyperNation” was launched on May 23, 2022 with a major event. The conference was officially hosted by HyperNation, in partnership with nearly 100 global mainstream media outlets and websites, disseminating reports around the world.

The result is 400,000 users watching the conference online while tens of millions of viewers surf online. This has created the industry’s first, novel and immersive summit, with tens of thousands of people streaming the entire event live.

It is worth noting that this conference realized the virtual live broadcast of the Metaverse scene in real time, which allows everyone to travel through time and space in one second. They get an interactive experience as if they are in the Metaverse room and experience the immersive conference throughout the event.

At the forum, the world’s top experts and scholars shared and introduced the wonderful design, gameplay, development prospects and value of HyperNation, HOS and technical support with online users, and strengthened their deep understanding of the project and the future and charm of HyperNation.

The main guests of the conference met with experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, mainstream media from global scientific research institutions, well-known universities, business institutions and mainstream media.

Based on an international perspective, they held global dialogues across industries, time and space, and together discussed the key opportunities for HyperNation’s future development in the Metaverse era.

The leadership of the top team of experts offers a true “Metaverse” experience to many companies and individuals concerned about the development of HyperNation. HyperNation is the gray rhino of this era, the result of the extensive digitization and computerization of society.

Just like the fulfillment of the prophecies of submarines and airplanes written by Verne, we are witnessing a new world gradually entering our lives through the novelist’s conception.

HyperNation, with the world’s leading technology, offers global participants a truly decentralized, free and equal digital finance country on the public chain, supporting a system of transparency through the use of excellent blockchain technology.

Through a decentralized autonomous organization, an efficient business realm is built for the exchange of value resources. Here everyone can not only trade more wealth with their resources, but also maximize the value of their resources.

HyperNation can solve the contradiction between the demand for decentralization and the current information lag of blockchain projects, breaking the barriers of independent blockchains and achieving consensus on wealth, speech, innovation, network and even ideological progress.

HyperNation aims to lay a foundation for building a blockchain world ecology, drawing on the wisdom of all people to realize the freedom of all human society.

HyperNation isn’t just about wealth. It traces the freedom behind wealth and represents the pinnacle of liberal democracy. It uses decentralized technology, encryption technology, quantum technology and more to start a revolutionary movement of prosperity ideas, strive to break the traditional rigid class society and create a centralized, free and democratic new world for users.

HyperNation can be described as an inclusive digital world, a complete ecosystem of pawn mining, NFT, DAO, GameFi, SocialFi, investing and funding high quality blue chip projects and more.

Everyone can experience great joy with HyperNation. In this premier gathering place full of high profile project parties and elite investors, even if their own worth is rich or small, HyperNation aims to increase their value.

At the same time, the conference also announced the official release of the first NFT, Hitchhiker of Star, in collaboration with the HyperNation platform in the form of a mystery box. HOS NFT consists of dolls of different shapes and has an extremely high utility value.

As the first NFT with HyperNation’s identity certificate, holders can enter this Metaverse platform. You can participate in various activities and projects in HyperNation and earn sustainable, high-quality returns over the long term.

Background of the project:

HyperNation, a comprehensive new digital wealth management platform that requires NFT as a ticket to participate.

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