The Blue and Gold weekend is a touchdown with Football Win – The Campus

Full house at Frank B. Fuhrer Field. The Allegheny community has come together to cheer on hometown Gators in a battle against the Yellow Jackets of Waynesburg.
Levi Swartz, ’26, waltzes into the end zone on a 63-yard touchdown catch-and-run in the second quarter. This was the longest Gators game of the season.

The Allegheny football team picked up another win against Waynesburg University last Saturday when Trevon Worship, ’23, rushed for a career-high 201 yards and 22 carries en route to a 31-15 win over the Yellow Jackets.

The community also celebrated the Blue and Gold weekend, a tradition that continually brings a vibrant atmosphere to the game and culture. Sean King, the athletic assistant director for game management and marketing, was one of the people running the show and was blown away by the way things turned out.

“When we try to do big events like this, I judge it by just walking around and seeing how many smiling faces I can see,” King said. “I didn’t see a single non-smiling face this past weekend, it was amazing.”

Everyone was in high spirits thanks to Allegheny’s performance on the field. The player of the game was without question the traffic jam, Worship. The machine averaged 9.1 yards per carry and twice found the end zone in his dominant performance on the field.

“I’ve never done that,” Worship said as he ran 200 yards. “I just have to congratulate my linemen for standing up and bringing the line together to open up those creases and holes so I can make my moves.”

Worship was productive for the Gators all game but took the game away with some extra juice in the third quarter. On the first pull after the scrimmage, he rushed a 54-yard rush into Yellow Jackets territory. John Ian Duron, ’23, capped the drive with a touchdown on the goal line and was a great double strike counterpart to his senior defense colleague.
Jack Johnson, ’24, found numerous targets throughout the game, completing 18 passes on 33 attempts. He threw for 228 yards, including a 63-yard touchdown pass to Levi Swartz, ’26, late in the second quarter.

Ian Durci, ’25, shone again as he finished the day for 76 yards on 6 lifts. He is currently the team’s leading receiver in yards on the season, 223 total after the win.
The defense stood together and played well on offense. Chris Rubino, ’24, was down in the trenches fighting for four quarters and reaping the rewards of two sacks and a tackle for loss. The rest of the defense added two more sacks and a fiddly recovery on special teams.

The Blue and Gold weekend is something that takes months to plan and the event represents more than just a football game. Family, alumni, faculty, staff and students are brought together through a combination of alumni weekend and homecoming. Guests are treated to a three-day venue of Gator vibes and the town of Meadville from the college.

The homecoming TailGATOR and subsequent game is still one of the main attractions of the weekend. The crowd gathered a total of 4,221 people and roared throughout the game, in part from the enthusiastic personality of new PA announcer Steven Folmar.

Gloria Burgess, Student Life Coordinator, also did hands-on work on the event. Fans enjoyed a smorgasbord of events including a tattoo booth, free foam fingers, smoothie machines and a makeup artist.

There were also bouncy castles, a rock wall and custom balloons by balloon artist Magic Steve. Hours before the game started, the parking lot in front of the stadium was completely filled with rear drivers. The stands were filled to the brim. Everyone enjoyed the football Saturday in all its glory.

“It was nice to see students who really wanted to be there and were excited to cheer for the Gators,” Burgess said. “I think it made a difference, at the end of the game we won.”
The atmosphere of athletics was also revived by Allegheny’s rebirth at the PAC. With the schools playing closer to home, it’s more appealing for fans to come and support their team on the go.

During the game, King was at the stadium and asked a passing Waynesburg family about their overall experience of the game.

“The dad stopped and looked at me and said, ‘This is the best football atmosphere I’ve seen since my son has been playing,'” King said.

Crowds flocked to watch the men’s and women’s soccer games taking place on the surrounding fields during soccer season. The entire Robertson complex was stuffed like a pack of sardines, and it evoked a feeling not felt since the days before the pandemic.

Phil Foxman, Associate Vice President Development, ’90, ministered throughout the weekend and also expressed his excitement at being able to meet the needs of the community. Foxman is a college graduate and proud to be part of the Allegheny community.

Foxman has been an Allegheny staffer for decades, but his love of the school dates back to his days as a student. He met his wife in the Greek community and established connections that he still maintains today. Foxman could not have imagined building his future anywhere else.

“I think it starts as a student, and you just see the potential of what a place like Allegheny can be,” Foxman said. “What is happening at this college can be so life changing and it is a privilege to be a part of it.”

Allegheny will start again this Saturday, October 1 at 2 p.m. when they take on the Presidents of Washington and Jefferson College on the street. The Gators plan to keep their momentum going as they go for back-to-back wins for the first time since 2019.

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