The big network predicts Frank Reich as the next coach of the Arizona Cardinals

A major network has made a bold prediction regarding the search for the Arizona Cardinals head coach. This prediction? France.

Last week, the Arizona Cardinals conducted an under-the-radar interview with former Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich. And yesterday Maurice Moton from the Bleacher report made the call that Reich will land in the desert. And if you think about it, Reich would be a good fit for the Cardinals.

Reich is an offense-minded coach who never had stability as a quarterback during his time at Indianapolis. Despite this, he finished his Indianapolis career with a 40-33-1 record, and he also went 1-2 in the playoffs.

While Reich never won the AFC South, he only finished lower than 2nd once in his four four seasons at the top. And even though the Colts fired him after just nine games in favor of the ill-prepared Jeff Saturday, Reich still finished with the better record of 3-5-1. All of this came despite the quarterback’s terrible play, led by the aging Matt Ryan.

Major Network thinks Frank Reich will coach the Arizona Cardinals

So what made Moton think Reich would end up in the desert? Here is a snippet of what he had to say:

“While Sean Payton would make sense in Arizona, the Cardinals wouldn’t have to give up premium draft capital in a trade to bring Reich on board. Last season we saw (Kyler) Murray butt heads with former head coach Kliff Kingsbury, which isn’t unusual for a quarterback and head coach, but Reich isn’t known for publicly yelling combatively at his players. With his calm demeanor, he can facilitate a smoother relationship between coach and quarterback.” – via AZ Central, originally published in Bleacher Report.

While I was hard on Murray, I also agree with Moton. Murray has definitely been defensive against Kingsbury this season, but was Kliff the catalyst for Murray’s quick temper? Did Kliff make it impossible for Murray to deal with criticism?

Of course we don’t know, but if someone with Reich’s quiet personality takes the helm, we’ll find out. If Murray comes back from his ACL injury, if he puts his head down, gets to work and develops solid leadership skills, then we’ll know that’s the case.

But if Murray’s antics are a repeat of last season, then we know he’s the problem, and it would probably be for the best if the Redbirds sever ties with the Starcross quarterback after the 2023 season. Ideally, Murray would mature under a coach like Reich (or someone whose name isn’t Kliff Kingsbury) and become the Arizona Cardinals’ franchise quarterback.

Time will tell, but if you ask me, Reich would be a perfect match for Murray. He’s not the only coach who can fill the gap, but he would be a solid addition.

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