The big move Celtics had to make in the 2022 NBA offseason

The Boston Celtics experienced one of the biggest turnarounds in NBA history last season. In January, they were a laughing stock of the league because they would give up all their big leads against any opponent, but they flipped the switch and made it to the NBA Finals. Losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games didn’t let them rest on their laurels for next season, as the Celtics took on Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari to bolster their roster in the offseason.

The acquisition of Brogdon and Gallinari was brilliant because they didn’t have to sack a player in the playoff rotation. Orchestration and regulation of offense in challenging situations has been a question mark for Boston since Marcus Smart is not a natural point guard. That ability to stabilize offense and thrive as an offball player alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown is a key part of this roster’s growth.

One could argue that the Celtics are going this season as favorites to win the Eastern Conference for consecutive years. Tatum and Brown will take another leap in their game, but the effectiveness and reliability of their teammates sets their franchise apart from the rest of the pack. The loss of Daniel Theis doesn’t seem like a big deal, but a serious injury to Robert Williams III could reduce Boston’s size and Big Man depth.

Signing a big guy like JaVale McGee or Thomas Bryant

Having insurance like JaVale McGee or Thomas Bryant on the bench would be huge for coach Ime Udoka. When Williams III injured his knee near the end of the regular season, Theis would start and contribute a fair amount of points and rebounds. Having McGee or Bryant would be an instant insult and anchor the color alongside Al Horford and Grant Williams.

Horford is already 36 years old so he may have to deal with the strain in the regular season, adding to the importance of another big player in the Celtics roster. The wish is that Robert Williams III stays healthy for an 82-game season and doesn’t let him miss a few weeks or months. Grant Williams was able to expand his repertoire from a strong defense and a potent corner three-point shooter. However, a seven foot in the second unit is still another option.

A plausible reason they failed to win those names was the lack of opportunities and minutes they would receive if the entire roster were healthy. In the East Finals and Finals, for example, the fourth-place finisher off the bench is unlikely to touch the floor unless someone suddenly gets into big trouble at the critical junctures of the competition.

The sacrifice it would take to cheer and motivate the rest of the team is tough. It’s not impossible, however, as there are men like Udonis Haslem and Andre Iguodala who thrive in the role. As a result, Brad Stevens and the rest of the Celtics organization must prioritize signing a veteran who can still make a difference on and off the court each night.

There are a few more names that would suit Boston, like Dwight Howard or Markieff Morris. Additionally, before the trading deadline, names will be available on the market that could be purchased at a lower price.

The Celtics will endure another grueling season in the NBA playoffs battling the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat, but this crew remains relentless and determined to win it all. For the past six seasons, the Celtics have come close to lifting that Larry O’Brien trophy, but the desire is to capture the elusive crown in 2023.

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