The best video games by Hideki Kamiya

In case you don’t already know, Hideki Kamiya was responsible for directing and writing the iconic games You Played in the early and mid 2000s. Whether it was Resident Evil that got you started shooting infected and mutant humans, or a crush on Bayonetta (who wouldn’t), none of this would have been possible without this legendary developer.

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When he wasn’t directing the titles you’ve come to love, he was most likely responsible for writing the story, conceiving the game, or overseeing it. Based on design, story, and general reception, here are the best games Hideki Kamiya has worked on.


10 Wonderful 101

Wonderful 101 isn’t the most well-known game in this list, but it deserves recognition for its unique gameplay. In no other game can you control 100 characters at the same time or have the privilege of grouping them all to fight against gigantic aliens in a very creative and cooperative way.

The reason the heroes have to work together is that the aliens invading their planet are huge and no hero can take them down alone. If you’ve always wanted to play a game that championed the power of friendship and strategy to save the world from evil, then you shouldn’t ignore Wonderful 101.

9 Viewtiful Joe

Joe from Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe is so seriously underrated it should be illegal. But fans of Hideki Kamiya know this hidden gem as it was a hit side-scrolling beat ’em up game on consoles. Following is the story of Joe who was teleported into the movie world by the villain of the movie he was watching. As an early Isekai case, he wasn’t taken into the alien world for nothing: he was on a mission to rescue Silvia, who was also taken into the Movieworld.

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Entrusted with a device by Captain Blue, the hero of the world, Joe was given the ability to transform himself into a hero so he can rescue Silvia and defeat evil. Directed by Hideki Kamiya himself, this game bears his signature, from its subject matter to its uniqueness in art style.

8th resident Evil

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1

It goes without saying that most people’s zombie-bashing experience and fear of succumbing to man-made biohazards is rooted in the first Resident Evil game. We were introduced to the outbreak’s ground zero: Raccoon City and the three characters who either explicitly or behind the scenes pushed the next few games in the series.

If you suspected the connection between Resident Evil and the Sweet Home comics, it’s true that the game’s monsters as well as the haunted mansion are inspired by the latter. Simply put, Resident Evil was a horror action game like no other when it was released, and it’s the first installment in the legendary series.

7 Resident Evil Zero

Wesker from Resident Evil 0

Resident Evil Zero gave fans some much-needed lore in this prequel, as it featured Umbrella Corp.’s involvement. and explained the origin of the T-virus. This also puts more focus on Team Bravo and Albert Wesker’s allegiance, all within a day of the events of the first game.

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The revamped version of this game has improved and updated the graphics so you don’t have to worry about clunky looking gameplay and you can just focus on immersing yourself in the mysterious events before the first match. For an old game, it also features one of the most difficult achievements to unlock in the Resident Evil series.

6 Okami

Okami Amaterasu

Okam is a visual treat for anyone looking for a playable ink wash painting that you probably didn’t know existed until you stumbled upon this critically acclaimed game. Even the gameplay’s combat looks visually soothing instead of the usual gritty gameplay seen in most games Hideki Kamiya has been a part of.

If you haven’t played this game yet, it follows the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu in the form of a white wolf who protects a village from a sealed serpent named Orochi. It would be a shame to miss this game for anyone interested in Japanese folklore and art.

5 Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Dante

Another Hideki Kamiya classic is Devil May Cry, a game he directed. Spreading the word that devils don’t cry, this game is mostly about slashing and hacking demons, and partly about complicated family ties. But you most likely remember this game because Dante was unable to die from a stab in the chest, or because Trish was able to lift a motorcycle overhead and throw it at full force.

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Devil May Cry is the first in a successful series of entries, but the first game holds a special place in the hearts of most hack-and-slash players.

4 bayonet

Bayonet 2009

It’s hard to turn down Bayonetta for her over-the-top charm, adorable break dancing, and unrealistically practical combat heels. Bayonetta was followed by two games and a spinoff, and neither of these would have been possible if players hadn’t fallen in love with the original cast of the first game.

Aside from the amazing relationships between the main characters, the gameplay takes heels to a practical level with the iconic heel stomp, which allows her to summon a giant boot with a high heel that attacks by stomping. Glamorous and magical, most of us wish we could fight like them without tripping over the floor.

3 bayonet 2

Jeanne from Bayonetta 2

You might as well play Bayonetta 2 once you’ve played the first game because it’s just as good as the first game. It earned well-deserved praise with the sheer number of nominations and awards it won in its launch year. This is a must-try if you are particularly interested in Jeanne and Bayonetta’s friendship because this is the game in which Bayonetta saves Jeanne’s soul who has been dragged into an inferno against all odds.

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But that’s only the first half of the storyline; You’ll also find the mythological Loki in the form of a boy who has a bigger role in the story. It’s a new adventure with Bayonetta, Jeanne, Rodin and Luka, where poor Enzo is dragged along again.

2 Resident Evil 2

Ada WongResident Evil 2

If the Golden Joystick Awards’ recognition of 2019’s ultimate game of the year isn’t enough to convince you to play Resident Evil 2, perhaps the debut appearance of Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong can sway your opinion. Not only are these two capable of delivering amazing combat sequences against everyone they face off against, but this game also tracks the G-Virus vaccine in our beloved Raccoon City, now infested with zombies two months after the first game .

If you’ve checked out the original title and its prequel, you might as well give this one a shot so you can be a better critic of the Netflix live-action adaptation.

1 bayonet 3

Viola wields her katana from Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 won the Game Award for Best Action Game of 2022 and is arguably an amazing way to pay tribute and pay homage to the legacy of the Bayonetta series. It carries iconic attacks from the previous two games and adds the summoning of hell demons that she can control. There’s also the appearance of a spunky, out-of-this-world blonde named Viola, who warns Bayonetta and Jeanne about how their world was destroyed by homunculi.

​​​​​​​Things come full circle again in the third game, and it was a good way to end Cereza’s chapter in the series.

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