The best Tom Clancy games from the franchise’s golden era

In today’s gaming landscape, the Tom Clancy Name provokes extremely mixed reactions. While Rainbow Six Siege has earned its place as one of the most iconic multiplayer shooters of recent memory after a rocky start, but its success is offset by the game’s major glitches Ghost Recon Franchise and the Disappearance of splinter group games. While developer and publisher Ubisoft insists the franchise isn’t dead, it’s clear it’s a shadow of its former self, lacking the confidence, dedication, and gaming experimentation that marked its golden age.


Although Ubisoft is planning a remake splinter groupIt would be understandable if some fans didn’t get their hopes up. Ubisoft’s design philosophy has changed significantly over the past 15 years and it’s hard to imagine them regaining the spirit of the original splinter group Trilogy. When these games were released, the Tom Clancy The name set a high bar for contemporary gaming; Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon laid the blueprint for the modern military shooters that would follow while splinter group was one of the most famous stealth franchises of all time. Revisiting some of the franchise’s best games could shed some light on the future Tom Clancy Games should – but probably not – come close to their footage.

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Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 was ahead of its time

Before Ubisoft quit Frontline of Ghost Recon or stuff NFTs into it Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, his series of squad-based tactical shooters helped bring the modern military setting into the gaming mainstream. That Ghost Recon The games have always centered around a highly skilled squadron of special forces – the “Ghosts” – and emphasized slow-paced, tactical gameplay while putting the player in command of a group of AI teammates. There is no doubt that the series has reached its pinnacle of quality and popularity Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) and its sequel, which has already carried the series into the near future Call of Duty Modern Warfare Released in 2007.

By completely abandoning the series’ tactical roots, Ghost Recon and the Tom Clancy Games are becoming pointless in general, and nowhere is that more evident than in the console version of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. By toning down the series’ harsh gameplay and emphasizing immersion and cinematic storytelling, GRAW 2 remains a well-rounded experience that hits casual and hardcore gamers hard. The UI design is clear and easy to understand, allowing spontaneous decision-making to flourish through the squad mechanics. Meanwhile, the near-future setting was never overdone, allowing it to maintain a serious and grounded tone throughout.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a perfect stealth action game

A man who wants to sneak up on a soldier on top of a tower in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

It’s hard to stress how important it is splinter group was heavily influenced by gameplay to help develop the stealth action genre Solid metal gear and give it a grounded, serious tone. The presentation of the original splinter group The trilogy is so unique that it’s easy to speculate as to how Ubisoft could mess it up splinter group make new. Its visuals, particularly when using lighting, played with the visibility mechanic in a way no other game had done before. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the most sophisticated and complete game of the series, and its evocative atmosphere allows players to fully immerse themselves in the role of Sam Fisher.

The nature of splinter groupThe gameplay of is inherently rewarding; Successfully sneaking around or clearing a difficult room of enemies requires patience and foresight, ingredients that have been sorely lacking in all recent Ubisoft games Tom Clancy Trips. chaos theory is widely regarded as the best game in the series because it brings these elements to the forefront, offering both an intense campaign and a unique take on multiplayer. However, splinter group return to Tom Clancy Franchise after eight years isn’t the big announcement most fans have been waiting for. To chaos theory, the series began to forget its roots and focus more on action-oriented gameplay. While splinter group was solid even up until 2013 Blacklista pinpoint focus on stealth gameplay is what’s needed in a reboot, and there’s skepticism that Ubisoft can deliver.

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Rainbow Six: Vegas was the ultimate tactical co-op game

A screenshot of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 gameplay.

In a similar way to that Ghost Recon series that Rainbow Six Games brought the modern setting to the fore, but transplanted its gameplay from a war setting to an anti-terrorist one. The focus on an international counter-terrorism team allowed Ubisoft to take the gameplay to unique urban locations like streets and suburbs, creating a paranoid, claustrophobic atmosphere. They certainly embody this spirit, Rainbow Six Siege‘s bizarre crossovers and cartoonish tone are worlds away Rainbow Six: Vegas, lending a stark realism to an otherwise outrageous setting.

Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel pioneered some of the most iconic aspects of modern shooters, most notably loadout kits and character customization. As Ghost Reconit also focused on squad gameplay and toned down some of it Rainbow Six‘s hardcore aspects but made up for it with an excellent multiplayer suite featuring maps like Villa and Murdertown that should still bring back memories to those who played Vegas and Vegas 2 back then. Furthermore, the Las Vegas setting – which in the wrong hands could easily make the serious tone seem slightly frivolous – blended perfectly with the tactical gameplay through a stunning visual presentation and realistic level design, making the mish-mash of the fancy Ubisoft IP one real eye-catcher Rainbow Six extraction feel even more like a kick in the teeth.

EndWar was the weirdest (but also the coolest) Tom Clancy game

Helicopters fight enemy ground forces in Tom Clancy's EndWar (2009)

For a stranger Tom Clancy game that still embodies the spirit of the franchise, End War by Tom Clancy is different from everyone else. It takes place during a fictional Third World War, end of war has innovated the RTS genre by introducing a unique mic-based mechanic. Players could command their squadrons by barking orders through their microphones; a mechanic that, while messy, was incredibly fun and shows how Ubisoft has lost its sense of innovation over the past decade. The large-scale, frenzied battles of end of warwhich involved orbital strikes and electronic warfare, took the Tom Clancy franchise in a new direction without compromising on its focused, hardcore tone.

Having learned the wrong lessons from its slew of cookie-cutter open-world games, Ubisoft seems almost impossible for it to return to the fresh and inventive spirit of end of waror the Tom Clancy franchises in general. Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and splinter group started out as well-defined games that carved influential niches in their respective genres, but all three have become increasingly generic and pointless over time. Still worth repeating all games from Tom Clancy‘s golden era through Steam or backwards compatibility, something Ubisoft might want to consider.

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