The best tips for surviving at Hogwarts

Welcome back to Hogwarts! It’s been a few weeks now since we all took the Hogwarts Express back to the castle we call home. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, Hogwarts is not the safest place to be. From the stairs that have a mind of their own to every class taught by Hagrid, there are many ways you can get injured at Hogwarts. Lucky for you, as part of our work experience for The Quibblerwe asked both students and staff for some of their tips for surviving the new school year.

Percy Weasley

Everyone’s favorite speaker at Hogwarts almost refused to speak to us, but when he found out our article would be read by dozens of Hogwarts students, he couldn’t say no. He had some wisdom to impart to other Hogwarts students, and that wisdom is making sure you study and keep up with all your homework. If you’re in the common room every night, you stand less of a chance of becoming involved in a dangerous conspiracy or intrigue that could hurt you. And Percy wanted us to add that this was just a little bit directed at his younger brother Ron and that if he gets involved in the mischief Harry is getting involved in this year it will reduce his chance of getting a good job at the Ministry.

Cedric Diggory

None other than Hufflepuff’s own heartthrob, Cedric Diggory, gave us his advice on what he’s doing to survive the school year, and that means making the most of it. Playing Quidditch is a dangerous sport and there are always risks, but he said that shouldn’t stop you from doing something. If you’re willing to take the risk, then go for it. When we asked him to elaborate on this, he said he had to write his name in the Goblet of Fire and hurried off, so we must take his advice as it is.

Horace Slughorn

We caught up with everyone’s favorite potions master (because we all know that’s not Snape) and asked what his advice was. His advice – and this shocked us – was that it doesn’t matter what you do and what grades you get if you want to do well at Hogwarts and in life in general; it’s who you know He told us that if you have contacts and friends in high positions, don’t worry because you are hired for life and everyone at Slug Club is guaranteed to get this opportunity. Unfortunately, the Slug Club is by invitation only and those lucky enough to join will be notified within the next two weeks.

Horace Slughorn with Felix Felicis

Remus Lupin

Everyone’s favorite teacher was more than happy to give us some advice on how best to get through the next Hogwarts year in one piece. He recommends carrying Honeydukes finest chocolate with you at all times. Whether it’s for that last Dementor attack on school grounds or to make you feel better after a Potions lesson with Snape, chocolate can always help.

Remus Lupine in The Prisoner of Azkaban

Fred and George Weasley

Who doesn’t love the Weasley twins? They certainly know a thing or two about Hogwarts so of course we had to ask them what advice they had for getting through another school year and they gave us what we thought was the best advice. Her advice is to just have fun. Life can be stressful at times, especially with the homework that some teachers give. They told us that while school is something some people think is important, having fun and making the most of your time there with your friends is just as important. These will be the things you will remember most for years to come.

Sybill Trelawney

Getting an interview with none other than Sybill Trelawney wasn’t easy. In fact, you’re more likely to see a Crumple-Horned Snorkack in the wild. But Sybill has said that she would give us a minute to share what she says will help you survive this new school year – which is to consult your Inner Eye to see the future and what dangers it holds . She also wants to apologize to Harry Potter because he will once again die a horrific and agonizing death (which other teachers deny).

And here we go. Just some advice if you’re looking to get through this new school year. Any advice on how to survive this school? If yes, please let us know. We’ll take any advice to get through whatever this year throws at us.

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