The BEST tips for saving money on Disney Dining

How would you describe a vacation at Walt Disney World? Magical? Unforgettable? Once in a lifetime? How about EXPENSIVE? Apparently everyone can agree on that.

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It’s no secret that a vacation to Walt Disney World is expensive, and many guests spend years saving just to take one. Even if you want to treat yourself while on vacation, that doesn’t mean you should blow your entire bank account in one trip! A few bucks saved here and there during your Walt Disney World vacation can add up to a lot more than you think, and one easy way to save money during your trip is with food.

You can still enjoy classic Disney food and your favorite restaurants without breaking the bank. Here are our favorite tips for saving!

Disney snacks
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Skip snacks you can get at the grocery store

We get it. Sometimes you want orange juice in the morning, soda in the afternoon, or decide to have a banana instead of something fried. However, if you’re in Walt Disney World, you’ll be spending a lot of money on these snacks – about $4 for a bottle of soda. If you know you’ll be craving a bag of Doritos mid-afternoon, buy them ahead of time at your local grocery store and pop them in your bag! There’s no shame in packing your own snacks.

Bring a refillable water bottle

One of the biggest money hogs at Walt Disney World is buying water. Florida is HOT and HUMID, and you need to stay hydrated if you want to keep going throughout the day. However, a bottle of water will cost you $4 a pop just like soda pop. When you’re shopping for your whole family and receiving it multiple times a day, it can REALLY add up. Take a refillable water bottle with you on your trip, which you can fill up at water fountains or bottle refill stations. If you really don’t want to take out, instead of constantly buying bottles, ask quick service restaurants for a free cup of water.

Restaurantosaurus Burger
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Eat at fast food restaurants

There seems to be an unspoken rule among Disney fans to eat lunch at quick service locations and dinner at table service locations. However, it’s not really a rule! A quick dinner can be just as enjoyable (and sometimes more) than a table service restaurant. Restaurants like ABC Commissary, Docking Bay 7 or Sat’uli Canteen have a good selection of entrees similar to what you can get at table service outlets and they’re almost always cheaper!

share food

Disney portions are quite large for both snacks and meals. There is so much to try at the parks and resorts that it can be easy to fill up and get too full to try it all! Don’t be afraid to split appetizers at quick service restaurants or snacks. Some table-service restaurants may also allow you to split entrees, but keep in mind that Disney’s policies may not allow this in some locations, particularly those that offer fixed-price menus.

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