The best tips for office relocation

Moving to a new office is a fresh start for a company. Most of them are moving their office because they are planning to expand their business or maybe their lease is expiring. Transitioning to the new office has been shown to be the most risky time for a business. Potential failures of office hardware, laptops, data services, and damage to furniture make this transition risky.

While moving to a new office may be an exciting experience for employees, it is stressful for the people coordinating it. But with strategic planning, the move can be made quick and less stressful. You can check out this guide if you want to learn some moving tips for a smooth office move.

Plan early

In contrast to a residential move, a commercial move is complicated and requires clear and detailed planning. You should start your plan at least three months in advance in order to move smoothly. When planning, set the move date and create a schedule. Also allocate a fixed amount for the moving process. This is advantageous in covering the installments for the mover with other additional costs.

Inform your employees

One of the essential parts of a move is informing your employees. You need to keep your employees informed of the relocation plan. Discuss with them whether changes should be made in the new office. Let them know the new office address, fax numbers, building codes. You can encourage your employees to create a move checklist to ensure all essential parts are covered. Inform them in advance; They may want to finish some important project work beforehand or prepare for the move.

Hire a professional moving company

Hiring a moving company like CBD Movers is essential to streamline the move. Such a professional company provides specialized movers that will safely pack and transport all office supplies, machines and furniture of all sizes. A moving company has the experience and knowledge to make the move go smoothly. You know the cost and relevance of data and resources in the office; Therefore, they will take extra precautions. Also, make sure you choose a company that is established and insured.

Protect your data

One of the problems with moving house is that you can lose all your files, documents and hardware if you don’t do the proper due diligence. Regardless of how careful you are, we can’t tell when you may be unlucky. You may lose your virtual drives or your hard drive may become corrupted. Therefore, it is important to avoid data breaches in any way by having a backup of all your data. Using a visitor management system is best to protect your employee and customer data. Because this is cloud-based, you can move all your data seamlessly.

Give your IT team enough time

You must notify your IT team of the move plan at least three months in advance. You have to manage the Internet plans, secure telephone connections and control software. They may even need to monitor the new workstation to determine if an upgrade is needed.

Delete all unnecessary stuff

Delete all unimportant files and documents in your office. See what furniture and appliances are obsolete and get rid of them. Decluttering makes this process of moving easier.

Order new furniture in advance

Monitor your new workspace, see what equipment needs an upgrade and see what furniture is needed. Turn to reliable suppliers to provide all the necessary resources for your office. Make sure your office is in the best shape to settle down quickly.

Update your address

As you move, make sure you update your address so your customers and suppliers know where to find you. Update the new address on the map, website and all your social media sites. Also, contact Google to update your new address online.

Moving isn’t always stressful and hectic when you have a solid plan. So, follow these moving tips to move to a new office safely and efficiently.

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