The best sci-fi board games coming out in 2023

Sci-fi fans can try some beautiful and unique new board games in 2023 that will take them on epic space adventures. Players can discover exciting new stories as well as beautifully designed boards and miniatures.

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Players who love getting lost in the worlds of the most iconic sci-fi games will be able to find new favorites while exploring the most terrifying and futuristic board game worlds. While many of these new sci-fi board games have more mature themes, there are also new family-friendly board games with brilliantly designed sci-fi worlds that will keep players of all ages and levels entertained.


7 Interstellar

Interstellar is one of the most anticipated new board games in space that takes its players on a fun journey aboard the spaceship Exodus. Players will embark on a decades-long journey, exploring space while trying to ensure the survival of humanity.

This fun new sci-fi game can be played alone or with up to six players, and while each player must ensure they are the one who collects the most victory points, they must also work together during their adventures. On their epic journey through the stars, players must develop survival technologies, colonize and confront hardships such as cancer and battle gray slime.

6 hacktivity

Cover of Hacktivity
  • Release date: February 2023

hacktivity is a new family-friendly cooperative sci-fi board game with fun characters and a vibrant cyberpunk art style. Players must work together with their teams as they aim to eradicate dangerous viruses infecting cyberspace.

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It’s another fun and beautiful new sci-fi board game that players can play either solo or with up to four players. Players must delve into cyberspace with their teammates and figure out how to breach the generators’ defenses and ensure they get rid of the virus once and for all. hacktivity is also a great choice for families with smaller children who want to play board games that will help players solidify their team play skills.

5 abandoned

Cover by Forsaken

abandoned will be the perfect choice for players who love space western games and want to try a new competitive sandbox sci-fi adventure board game with a beautiful design. Players can go on their adventures alone or with up to four players as they try to become legends in a dystopian sci-fi/western-inspired world with endless possibilities.

Players can explore the dangerous planet Thyrria, which has turned into a wasteland. With the planet completely mined and abandoned, only a few workers are left struggling to survive. Each player must find a way to make their mark in this harsh environment and become heroes while attempting to complete odd jobs, hunt bounties, and even try their luck at gambling.

4 City of the Big Machine

Cover of City of the Great Machine
  • Release date: February 2023

City of the Big Machine is one of the best steampunk games with a stunning art style and beautiful miniatures. This stunning strategy board game is set in the Victorian steampunk universe The big machine and is full of fascinating characters.

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Players can discover a fun story as they adventure alone or with up to four players, and learn more about the artificial intelligence network that controls this steam-powered city. Players can also choose to take on the role of the Great Machine or become heroes trying to stop the Great Machine’s evil enslaving master plan.

3 nanolith

Coverage of Nanolith

nanolith is one of the best new sci-fi board games that transports its players to an exciting cyberpunk world where they can explore a brilliantly detailed story while following in the footsteps of one of the four main characters.

Players must fight and make wise decisions if they want to retrieve their memories during their adventures in this dungeon crawler RPG. Players looking for new board games like Cyberpunk 2077and want to try and immersive and challenging RPG board games you should check out nanolith.

2 Voidfall

Components of Voidfall

Voidfall is one of the best new space exploration games that allows players to experience real excitement as they try to build their empires, manage their resources and make difficult decisions during their minimal gambling.

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This beautiful and exciting new sci-fi strategy board game will allow players to explore an exciting new world as they embark on their adventures to try to fend off the Voidborn and restore Domineum. Players can embark on this unforgettable adventure alone or with up to three other players, developing technologies, conquering new sectors and fighting epic space battles.

1 The injury

Cover of The Breach

The injury is a great choice for gamers looking for new sci-fi board games that allow them to follow in the footsteps of experienced hackers who must try to steal secret information by breaking into the Gene.sys database.

This entertaining net crawler board game also has a stunning design and beautiful miniatures that make the experience more immersive and fun. Players can explore the mysterious Gene.sys database while playing alone or with up to three other players, and together face the dangers of this unique universe while uncovering the dark secrets of the Ahab Corporation.

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