The 2022 World Cup Volunteers uniform is unveiled as the training journey begins in style

The unveiling of the kits for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 volunteers was among the highlights of a stunning orientation event held at the Lusail Stadium on Friday.
An incredibly motivated group of more than 16,000 volunteers, along with thousands of online followers from around the world, gathered at the stadium for the Official Orientation – a ceremony featuring football legends and top blowers from the FIFA World Cup 2022.
The event-filled evening aimed to build a greater sense of community and help everyone get comfortable with their respective activities across 45 different functional roles by providing insight into the challenges and rewards ahead.
The largest venue for the upcoming FIFA World Cup served as a fitting backdrop for this important milestone meeting, which marked the first time all selected volunteers had come together to formally begin their training journey and provided a momentous opportunity for reflection down the road.
Throughout the evening, the full scope of the volunteer journey was conveyed through entertaining video presentations, including an introduction to the e-learning platform, where volunteers receive general specialist training on topics such as sustainability, cultural awareness and customer service to better fulfill their essential service role. Through the new platform, volunteers have access to a key source of information and e-learning modules that allow them to prepare for their assignments for the many volunteers arriving from abroad, however they choose, regardless of their location.
For the next stages of their journey, volunteers begin their general and role-specific online and on-site training at the actual locations where they are stationed and fulfilling their roles.
Personal site-specific training is one of the final phases that gives volunteers a hands-on taste of the tasks they will perform at the actual sites they will be deployed to.
Regularly updated, the portal will continue to serve as a knowledge and operational resource with refreshers and tips on maintaining health and well-being.
Yasir al-Jamal, Director General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), opened the event, welcoming the assembled volunteers and thanking them for their significant contribution to the incredible fan experience and overall success of the World Cup.
Expressing gratitude and belonging, Colin Smith, FIFA’s Chief Operating Officer – World Cup and Managing Director for the 22nd Quarter, said: “Volunteers are our true heartbeat as their passion and selfless dedication underpins everything we do.”
“This is the common thread that unites 20,000 volunteers regardless of nationality, culture, age, gender and experience,” he said. “Thanks to their efforts, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar can be described as the most inclusive ever and will unite people of all cultures and backgrounds through the game of football.”
A much-anticipated highlight of the evening was the official unveiling of the volunteers’ uniform, which was met with cheers from the appreciative crowd.
Featuring adidas’ signature volunteer colors of black, white, mint and purple, the outfits feature the brand’s triple stripe detail and a distinctive heart logo design to represent the volunteer spirit.
Volunteers will be outfitted from top to bottom with a full wardrobe of hats, long and short sleeve tops, jackets, pants, socks and shoes, with optional headscarves for female volunteers.
The upbeat atmosphere of the event was spearheaded by celebrity presenters Abood Afro and Anshou Jain, who accompanied dance performances and video highlights with encouraging messages from English football superstar David Beckham and Australia’s top scorer at the FIFA World Cup, former Australia international Tim Cahill. mixed.
Nasser al-Khater, CEO of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC, appeared on stage with Smith to answer questions about the significance and wider impact of such a massive volunteer campaign.
“First of all, we hope that each volunteer has gained valuable skills, experiences and friendships that will enrich their lives and make them better, happier and more confident people, no matter their path forward,” al-Khater said.
“This is a beautiful legacy for any nation,” he said. “From a macro perspective, I am confident that societies will begin to embrace a broader culture of volunteerism as an expression of both national pride and self-improvement, as it also aligns with our traditional values ​​of honor and generosity.”
Volunteer Strategy Manager Nasser al-Mogaiseeb commended the key stakeholders involved in supporting the volunteer program.
“The outstanding quality and sheer volume of our volunteer program would have been unthinkable without the continued support of all our critical volunteer stakeholders who are the true pillars of community volunteering in Qatar,” he said.
“Over the past year, our joint Volunteer Legacy Group has provided significant help in raising awareness, training and recruiting through the combined resource networks of Qatar Foundation, Qatar Voluntary Centre, Qatar Museums, Qatar Charity, Qatar Olympic Committee and Qatar Red Crescent Volunteered by Society, Education Above All Foundation, Tomoh, Nama, Qatar University and Qatar Football Association,” al-Mogaiseeb said. “You have contributed to the generous team behind our team of valued volunteers.”
One of the volunteers, Rishon Tom Mathew from India, told the Gulf Times that he was excited and ready to take part in the volunteer activities.
“I just finished school and am planning to start higher studies in January next year,” he said, adding, “I just landed on Friday after cutting short my vacation to attend the program.”
“I have a few months and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to participate in some very creative and exciting events,” said Mathew. “This will be a major milestone in my life and I look forward to getting involved in the activities. A dream come true for me.”

Areeba Faisal from Pakistan, a 19-year-old volunteer and ‘Ruwaad Pioneer’ said, ‘When I saw the uniform and the color combination, I took a minute to look at everything because the design was so cool! The fact that they thought of doing a ‘hijab’ is amazing simply because it’s comfortable to have everything matched and I really appreciate it.”
Eric Apedo, 29, from Ghana, felt the evening’s program made him feel prouder and better prepared for his upcoming role as an accreditation volunteer.
“I’m emotional when I think about my background, the friends I’ve made and my responsibility to work here at the Lusail Stadium in the FIFA World Cup final,” he said. “But one of the messages today is to be yourself because we all have something unique to offer.”
“So I’m confident. And the fact that I’m here with all these people who love football and love volunteering makes me feel like we’re one big community with one heart,” added Apedo.
The event included dance and music performances.

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