The 10 best blobs in games

What are the ingredients that make up a physically outstanding character? Buff limbs? Luxurious hair? Bone? Good guesses, and certainly these qualities do not go unnoticed. But what if we told you that all of these traits are only optional and a character with none of them can’t be just as lovable?

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There are some characters out there that, due to their amorphous and/or gelatinous nature, have what one could only very charitably call a “body”, but make the difference with incredible abilities and charming personalities. You don’t need facial muscles to charm the crowd, you know.


10 Ditto – Pokemon

Theories have circulated that Pokémon have an inherently unstable genetic structure that allows them to undergo such radical physical changes during the evolutionary process. If that’s the case, then we have to assume that different Pokemon’s DNA is differently unstable, because at the extreme end we have the lovable lump of Silly Putty that is Ditto.

Ditto possesses the ability to completely reconfigure its DNA on the fly, allowing it to mimic not only other Pokémon’s shapes, but even humans and inanimate objects. Of course, reconfiguring your DNA isn’t an exact science, so Dittos are known to have a bit of trouble getting faces right. But that only makes her cuter.

9 Gooey – Kirby series

Kirby and Gooey outside in Kirby's Dream Land 3

In general, the recurring Kirby villain Dark Matter is an entity of evil and darkness that seeks to consume the planet Pop Star and everything else that surrounds it. However, this is not an absolute truth for every member of the Dark Matter species. Case in point: Kirby’s good friend Gooey.

Although Gooey is technically Dark Matter himself, he’s a friendly little fella who enjoys pretty much the same things as Kirby (e.g. food). He’s a bit absent-minded and occasionally forgets his own name, but whenever he shows up he’s always ready to help and whip baddies with his stretchy tongue.

8th Gooigi – Luigi’s mansion 3

Luigi uses the Poletergust while Gooigi levitates behind him

During the events of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Professor E. Gadd performed some experiments on a blob of mysterious protoplasm he obtained from the local ghost population. It didn’t seem to do much on its own, but after Gadd accidentally spilled his coffee on it, it took on a stable form in Luigi’s likeness. A clever labeler, Gadd named his creation Gooigi.

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After some Poltergust training in a parallel version of the past (i.e. the 3DS port of the original Luigi’s Mansion), Gadd employed Gooigi to aid Luigi in his investigation of the last resort in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Thanks to his squishy body, Gooigi can walk through bars and grates to reach objects and switches that Luigi can’t reach alone.

7 Mimic Tear – Elden Ring

A player looking at their Mimic Tear reflection in Elden Ring

At some unspecified time in the Elden Ring’s past, the denizens of the Eternal City created Nokron, a race of shapeshifting creatures known as the Silver Tears. To what purpose we can only guess, but these lumpy things were adept at shapeshifting, taking the forms of various constructs and monsters. A certain Silver Tear was so adept at shapeshifting that she could copy a human in minute detail.

The first time you encounter this skilled Mimic Tear it’s a boss encounter, but after finding his ashes and using Ranni’s Spirit Summoning Bell, this blob will become your best friend. Just like combat, it copies you perfectly, including your weapons, spells, and abilities, essentially giving you two of yourself to take on the game’s bosses.

6 The Blob – A boy and his blob

The boy throws the blob a jelly bean in A Boy and his Blob

Be honest, you’ve dreamed of having an amorphous blob as a sidekick at least once in your life. If you haven’t already, then you definitely will after witnessing the camaraderie of the boy and his blob. When the Blob seeks help to defeat the evil Blobolonia Emperor, the boy wastes no time in helping his new friend.

With the boy’s help, particularly the multitude of different jelly beans he carries around, the blob can take on fifteen different forms to transport the boy around, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies all while looking just as cute as them dickens . Look at that face, you can’t tell us you don’t want to mush that little face.

5 The Decapitated – Dead Cells

Promotional image for Dead Cells Barrels O Fun Update featuring Derelict Distillery

You might have thought that the main character of Dead Cells was a person, but that’s not entirely true. The human body of the decapitated is just a loose corpse that hung around in the dungeons. The actual character is the amorphous mass that falls from the pipes and stuffs itself into the corpse’s neck stump to move it. A bit grotesque, but hey, no one else has used it.

Despite being a one-eyed lump of snot, the Decapitated is an incredible fighter, skilled in almost every single weapon imaginable, as well as some you probably didn’t know about. He’s a bit goofy at times, but the fact that he always hops into another body and starts over after death is a testament to his boundless courage and endurance.

4 The Fantastic Seven – Kingdom Hearts 3

Orange flan with a rabbit on his head in Kingdom Hearts 3

The vast majority of the Heartless in the Kingdom Hearts series are simple beasts and monsters, mindlessly devouring hearts and plunging worlds into darkness. However, some are kinder and merely enjoy a bit of sport and harmless mischief with those they deem worthy. In Kingdom Hearts 3, these Heartless are the infinitely wobbling Flantastic Seven.

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These seven Heartless, each with a picture of jelly and topped with a shiny fruit, don’t want any trouble with Sora. Rather, they just want to challenge him to various games and skill tests. Should Sora prove himself in these challenges, the Flantastic Seven will reward him with rare items and ingredients, some of which he cannot obtain anywhere else.

3 The Blob – The Blob

Promotional image by de Blob

When Chroma City is invaded by the INKT Corporation led by the villain Comrade Black, all color in the city is leached in favor of monochrome darkness. When it looks like the Raydians will live forever in gray misery, a hero suddenly emerges from the jungle: de Blob!

With the wondrous ability to suck back stolen paint from Black’s Paint Bots, de Blob can restore paint to the town and its residents simply by launching himself anywhere and splattering paint against the walls. The revolution will be in Technicolor!

2 Orb of Justice – Awesomenauts

Scoop Character Art by Awesomenauts

The Scoop of Justice, or simply called “Scoop” by his friends, is a noble knight of the Gelati order. The Gelati’s goal in life is to create the best ice cream flavors in the world and, if they succeed, to preserve galactic peace. In this order.

When the Awesomenauts were dispatched to AI Station 205 to defend the galaxy from the Sisterhood of Coba, the Gelati Lords ordered Scoop to join the fight and fight alongside the defenders. After all, you can’t enjoy good ice cream unless there’s a galaxy to enjoy it in, and maybe if Scoop is lucky, he’ll be able to snag rare chocolates on his travels.

1 Zac – League of Legends

Zac character art in League of Legends

In the history of League of Legends, the town of Zaun is not a pleasant place, to say the least. Due to the overabundance of chemtech experimentation, toxic waste is a regular problem for the city, piling up almost everywhere. When a slimy experiment escaped from one of the labs and settled in one of those pools, the original cocktail spawned an entirely new life form: Zac, the secret weapon.

Thanks to two scientists who unofficially adopted him, Zac actually turned out to be quite a nice guy. Hiding in the shadows of Zaun’s sewers, he emerges to aid the weak and downtrodden, unleashing streams of malleable substances against the town’s thugs and thugs.

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