Tallahassee and the FSU Police share tips for a safe game day

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The City of Tallahassee and Florida State University (FSU) Police Departments are working diligently to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors coming to home football games.

To help fans plan, below is information about the game day traffic pattern.

Before the game

Fans are encouraged to use the following streets to park on and around the FSU campus.

  • From the north, use Stadium Drive to park on the west side of Doak Campbell Stadium, and use Macomb or Bronough Street to Pensacola Street to park on the east side of Doak Campbell.
  • From the east, use Pensacola or Gaines streets.
  • From the West, use Pensacola or Tennessee Streets to Stadium Drive.
  • From the South, use Lake Bradford Road.

The lights along Pensacola Street between Duval St and Chieftan Way will be set to “flash” prior to the game to give priority to westbound traffic toward Doak Campbell Stadium. Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) officers will be posted along this route two hours prior to the game. Traffic signals at intersections near Doak Campbell Stadium could be checked by TPD up to eight hours before kick-off.

Motorists traveling through the area and not driving to the game should expect delays due to the traffic control pattern from two hours before kick-off to approximately 30 minutes after kick-off (not including delays due to weather), particularly along Macomb and Copeland roads. When possible, motorists are advised to use Ocala Road and Monroe Street for north-south travel to avoid the pregame traffic patterns near Doak Campbell Stadium.

Home games are played three weekends during the season at both Florida State and Florida A&M campuses. Vehicular traffic will be heavy before and after the Games, particularly on Tennessee Street, Pensacola Street, South Monroe Street, Gaines Street, Lake Bradford Road and Orange Avenue. Supporters are advised to allow additional travel time to ensure early arrival for matches.

Spirit Express bus service

The Spirit Express bus service from Tucker Civic Center will NOT be available this season.

Seminole booster parking lots are:

  • Warrior Booster Batches: 12, 13, 17, 19, 25-29
  • Tomahawk Booster Lots: 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 21-23
  • Silver Chief Booster Lots: 5, 8, 15
  • Golden Chief Booster Lots: 1-6

If parking in Seminole Booster lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 or 14, please approach the stadium from the east on Pensacola Street. If parking in booster lots 1, 2, 3, 4 or 18, please approach the stadium from the east on Gaines Street or from the west on Pensacola Street. If you park in booster lots 25 or 13, the most direct route is via West Tennessee Street to Woodward Avenue. All non-booster parking lots should use either Tennessee Street or Lake Bradford Road to check for general parking directions using the free SeminoleSafe app (see below for more app info).

For further assistance navigating the area, fans can download the Waze Traffic app through SeminoleSafe. All matchday traffic routes, before and after the match, are entered into the app to provide the most direct routes, taking into account diversions, closures and congestion.

After the game

After the game is finished, Pensacola Street east of the stadium may be changed to be one-way only for eastbound traffic and head away from the stadium. Traffic lights along Pensacola Street from Champions Ways to Duval Street “flash” to give priority to eastbound traffic. St. Augustine Street between Varsity Drive and South Monroe Street will continue to run one-way for eastbound traffic only and will extend to the Apalachee Parkway, helping divert additional traffic away from the stadium. A diversion will be in place to ensure fans exiting the game on Madison Street will flow continuously out of Apalachee Parkway. Southbound traffic on Monroe Street will be diverted east on College Avenue, south on Franklin Blvd./East Lafayette Street and west on Gaines Street back to Monroe Street. Northbound traffic on Monroe Street will be diverted east on Gaines Street and north on East Lafayette Street/Franklin Blvd. and west on College Avenue back to Monroe Street. Fans exiting the stadium east on Gaines Street will be directed south onto Monroe Street.

To give priority to fans exiting the area after the game, northbound traffic on Springhill Road/Lake Bradford Road is from Orange Avenue to Gaines Street and southbound traffic on Stadium Drive from Tennessee Street not allowed.

Motorists passing through the area should expect delays due to traffic control patterns from some point in the fourth quarter until about an hour after the end of the game (not counting weather-related delays), particularly along the Macomb, Copeland, Duval, Bronough and Monroe Streets. Motorists wishing to avoid post-game traffic, particularly for north-south journeys, are advised to use Ocala Road and Monroe Street.


The City of Tallahassee and Florida State University participate in numerous meetings during the spring in preparation for the football season. Below are several initiatives for the Games:

  • TPD coordinates all traffic lights along Pensacola, Saint Augustine, Madison, Gaines, Stadium and Duval streets and Lake Bradford Road.
  • A gate was installed at the corner of Varsity Drive and St. Augustine Street for Lot 14 (Intramural Fields). This allows better accessibility for pedestrians.
  • Additional signs will be posted at several locations. Banners will be hung along Pensacola Street, and additional signs will be posted along all routes.
  • TPD will be posted along Pensacola Street two hours before the game. TPD will also take control of the traffic lights and intersections once all staff are on the post.

Fans are encouraged to arrive early and allow for some delays. Please follow the instructions of law enforcement when traveling to and from the game.

FAMU and FSU share home game days on September 24, October 1 and October 29.

The SeminoleSafe App is Florida State University’s official mobile safety tool. Fans can refer to the SeminoleSafe app under the GAME DAY GUIDE tab for real-time updates and additional information for home football games, from direct turn-by-turn directions to their designated booster or general parking lot, clear bag guidelines and directions, prohibited items inside the stadium and real-time weather data on campus.

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