SWTOR: Tips and tricks for beginners

Sure, Star Wars: The Old Republic may be an older game, but it continues to attract new players looking for a truly narrative MMORPG. SWTOR’s story offers a fully voice-driven, immersive experience that is unparalleled in the genre – making the game an interesting experience whether you’re a seasoned MMO player looking for a new experience or just a fan of which are Star Wars universe.

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Story-focused or not, the game is still an MMO at its core – and as with any MMO, understanding some of its nuances and mysteries can be crucial to enjoying the game. So before you set your sights on the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, here are the tips and tricks you should know.


10 Subscribe for one month to get all extensions

While you have the opportunity to play SWTOR for free, you have to deal with some serious limitations like limited character slots and credits. But the biggest disadvantage of a free-to-play player is that you miss out on the games of the game six major expansions.

Luckily, you don’t have to purchase expansions individually or even become a monthly subscriber to keep following the storyline. Instead, you only need to subscribe to the game for a month to get full access to all of the game’s story content. Even if you cancel your subscription immediately, you can continue playing the game’s expansions.

9 The focus is on the narrative

Unlike mainstream MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, which prioritize raid bosses and competitive PvP, SWTORs origin stories have been considered the best part of the game since their inception in 2011. If you like a good story, it’s worth playing each of the eight class quest lines before dipping your toe into the game’s expansions or endgame.

Each is specific to your character’s Republican or Imperial background and includes unique cinematic cutscenes, dialogue with light and dark sides, and exclusive companions. In addition, completing all eight stories will unlock it legendary status and rewards a unique character flair throughout your legacy.

8th Unlock universal fast travel

SWTOR’s legacy system includes a few character perks that play an important role in how easily you can move around the galaxy. If you’re not sure what the perks are worth, start with Legacy Travel I, II, and III.

The first two decrease your cooldown fast travel Ability – an ability that allows you to travel to important locations instantly – and the last one removes the cooldown completely. With Legacy Travel III unlocked, you can fast travel to and from quest hubs, spaceports, and daily areas as many times as you like.

7 Activate exploration quests

While each planet has its own story arc, if you enjoy questing – or just want to earn more credits – you have the option of completing exploration quests. These side quests are hidden by default, so they won’t be marked on your map unless you activate them manually.

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All you have to do is open your map by pressing M, and click on the “Show Exploration Missions” checkbox on the bottom left of the screen. These quests aren’t required (you’ll get more than enough XP from your class and planetary histories), but completing them will give you more insight into each planet’s history and lore.

6 You get an experience boost when you join a guild

Like most modern multiplayer games, SWTOR gives you the opportunity to join a guild to meet other players who share your interests. Some guilds are dedicated to operations, some to PvP, some to completing conquest objectives, some are just a social outlet, and some are all of those things at once.

While it may be tempting to wait until you’ve reached max level and figured out what part of the game you want to focus on before joining a guild, guilds have a major advantage. As a member of a guild, you get an experience boost that ranges from five to 15 percent, depending on how many members the guild has.

5 Use Rocket Boost when speeders are disabled

While you can use your speeder to get around most outdoor and indoor areas, there are a few places – usually within Flashpoints or specific quest areas – where they are disabled. If you don’t want to walk to your destination, you can unlock the Rocket Boost character perk in your Legacy window.

Rocket Boost gives you an ability that can be used every 28 seconds to gain a 110 percent movement speed bonus for 12 seconds. Once you’ve unlocked it, it can be used by any character in your legacy in almost any situation where you can’t use a speeder in-game.

4 You can use the world map to travel

you deserve one personal spaceship throughout your lesson story that allows you to travel from planet to planet, but it’s far from the fastest way to get around. If you want to bypass an extra loading screen or two, you can use your world map to travel the galaxy.

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Open your map by pressing M and click “Open Galaxy Map” in the bottom left of the screen. Then click on a planet, ship or outpost to travel there without using your spaceship. If you need your spaceship later, it will be waiting for you in the next spaceport.

3 There are no cross-server groups

Like many MMORPGs, SWTOR has one group finder Tool that automatically matches you with other players for Flashpoints, Story Mode Operations, or Warzones. While most matchmaking tools pull from a group of servers, SWTOR’s group finder is limited to a single server.

This means that if you’re joining the game to play with a friend, you’ll need to make sure you select the same server to play together in a group. SWTOR servers are time zone based, so choose the one that matches your location to get the fastest queues.

2 You don’t need cartel coins

If you don’t want to spend real money on microtransactions in the cartel market, you won’t be at a disadvantage in SWTOR. In fact, anything that affects how much damage, tanking, or healing your character can do is purchased with in-game currency.

Similar to the Gem Store in Guild Wars 2, the Cartel Market is limited to cosmetic and consumable items such as outfits and weapons, stronghold decorations, gliders, and companion customizations.

1 You can share items between characters

As long as you have access to a Hochburg, you can use your legacy storage to transfer credits and items between your characters. Unlike most MMOs, where gear and weapons are limited to a single character, most gear in SWTOR can be shared.

Although some leveling gear is character-specific, nearly all endgame and cosmetic gear is “legacy bound.” These items can be deposited in your Legacy Storage, where they can be accessed and equipped by any of your supporting characters. Your legacy storage also includes credits, making it easy to set up a new character with the money they need to level up.

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