Sword of the Drifter Beginner’s Guide

Tramp’s Sword is not technically a new game as it was first released on PC in 2018. However, 2022 will mark the game’s debut on consoles across all major platforms. While the game may look like a vanillaware title, it’s actually from an obscure Beijing-based studio called OTK Games.

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They take inspiration from vanillaware when the art wasn’t obvious as it screamed dragon crown or Odin Sphere. The studio was interviewed on website Deepmotion in 2018 and OTK Games said the entire team was inspired when creating vanillaware Tramp’s Sword. Backstory aside, we’ll learn a few tricks to get started.


6/6 Things to know right from the start

There are a few things players should know before starting Tramp’s Sword as well as options they need to know about. First, there are four difficulty levels in the game: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Crazy. Although it says Normal, this is the easiest mode in the game. It doesn’t exactly compare to an easy mode like in other action RPGs, as things can still be quite difficult.

Players should know that the game is a bit of a drag even by RPG standards before jumping in. Another option players can change is Vivian’s in-game appearance. Their default attire is rather revealing, which might not be for everyone. That’s apparently why a feature was included to cover it up. Finally, the first boss players will encounter will be a Fake Out. Don’t waste items on it as players are destined to lose.

5/6 what to buy

A shop menu in Sword of the Vagrant

There are two types of currencies in Tramp’s Sword and both are valuable resources. First, let’s talk about gold. Players start in a central village where they can buy equipment, potions, meals, etc. The golden rule for this game is don’t buy anything unless it’s necessary. Things are expensive, especially gear, and often those items require materials as well. Players should be able to find plenty of gear in dungeons instead, and that goes for items like potions as well.

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What players should focus their money on is cooking, which is a fairly simple process and not a mini-game like some other cooking titles. If you buy a meal in a store, Vivian will learn this recipe forever. Having a good selection of recipes on hand will be strategic for boss fights. Some bosses may require extra speed, while other battles could use a little more power. The game will warn players when they are about to enter a boss’ hideout. When that happens, go back to a campfire, eat a meal, and then attack that boss.

4/6 Watch out for duplicates

The Equipment menu in Sword of the Vagrant

In many RPGs, picking up duplicate armor or weapon sets results in the same stats. in the Tramp’s Sword, loot is often associated with another bonus feature. For example, the starting gear, leather armor, might have a bonus to HP on one set, while another might increase critical strike power. Don’t indiscriminately sell duplicate sets of gear assuming there are no differences.

Players can also upgrade gear by opening slots and adding various traits. A player could have leather armor with blessings to increase both critical attack power and HP. Statistics can also be increased. However, doing this too often will waste materials and other currencies, so it might be best to wait to upgrade. For example, upgrading a rare piece of gear would be an acceptable strategy.

3/6 The skill tree

The upgrade menu in Sword of the Vagrant

For example, players will not level Vivian from level 1 to level 2 in the traditional RPG sense. The other currency rate is introduced Tramp’s Sword be in mana drops that look like gems. Mana can be spent to upgrade weapons, but more importantly, it can be used to permanently buy skills and stat boosts for Vivian.

Before you buy anything, look at each branching path and note that some skills require items to level up. For example, the first increase for HP requires holy water. The Healing Trail has many good upgrades, including one that heals players on gold pickup. Another good early skill is south of the starting point and gives Vivian the ability to jump twice. A double jump is a good mechanic for platform games, but it’s also great for action RPGs.

2/6 smash everything

Explore the world in Sword of the Vagrant

Enemies drop most items from potions to gold. However, there are tons of things to smash in the area as well, including pots and crates. There are also less obvious things to break, like piles of rocks or beehives hidden in the trees.

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The beauty of destructible objects in Tramp’s Sword is that they respawn. It can be a good idea to remember a specific spot on the map when an object rewards players with rare items. For example, a returning mound can sprout a specific material, such as ore, used in crafting. The map is a large interconnected maze, similar to a Metroidvania, making it easy for players to keep track of areas when taking manual notes, which is recommended.

1/6 Dodge attacks

Fight a boss in Sword of the Vagrant

The best offense turns out to be a good defense Tramp’s Sword. Vivian is a bit slow as a female action heroine, but she can dodge. She can dodge through most enemies unless they have a shield. This is where the double jump ability comes into play.

If players can’t avoid rolling through an enemy and then countering them from behind, they should jump over them instead. Most enemies with shields can be breached with enough hits, but using the attack tactic from behind is smarter. It might be obvious for bosses to say, but studying their attack patterns first before attempting to land a single hit will prove fruitful.

Tramp’s Sword was released on November 30, 2022 and can be played on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It was originally released on PC in 2018.

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