“Super Amma!”: Elderly woman plays with firecrackers

Video of an old woman playing with firecrackers was reportedly captured in Kerala.

old woman playing with firecrackers

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Activities such as playing crackers are usually associated with young people. But now a video is going viral showing that older people can also have fun with fireworks.

The video, reportedly taken in Kerala, shows an old woman holding a string of firecrackers and moving from spot to spot as the firecrackers explode around her. The woman, dressed in a saree, performs this daring act in a public place, although some onlookers are watching.

This video was posted online on March 13th by a popular Instagram page with the username @evershining_media. So far it has garnered thousands of likes. One Instagram user wrote, “‘Awesome Amma!'” Another person jokingly wrote, “Ammachi has no ears and no eyes. Then even if you give a nuclear bomb it will explode 😝😝😝.”

This isn’t the only video from Kerala showing older women engaged in adventurous quests. In February, a video by a 67-year-old woman who has mastered an adventure sport quickly became known. The video, shared online by Instagram user Shy Nu (@yathrikan_200), shows the elderly woman, dressed in a sari, undauntedly riding the rope wheel like it’s the most casual thing in the world.

Disclaimer: Children under the age of 18 should not play with fireworks without adult supervision.

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