Summit1g net worth in 2022

Most can only dream of playing the game they love professionally, while others seek success in the competitive world of content creation. Jaryd Lazar, known to most as Summit1g, accomplished both feats. The 35-year-old California native started out as a professional esports player and is now a streamer with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. Let’s have a look at Summit1g net worth in 2022.

Summit1g net worth in 2022 (estimate): $8 million

Summit1g net worth in 2022, Summit1g net worth in 2022

Summit1g net worth in 2022 is $8 million. This is evident from numerous outlets including Celebrity Net Worth.

Summit1g was born Jaryd Russell Lazar on April 23, 1987 in Orange County, California. He was a professional player on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before turning his career to streaming. He had previously joined teams such as A51 and Mythic. Nowadays he tops the lists of the highest earning streamers. After his Twitter bioLazar currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lazar was previously married to his manager, Desirae, with whom he remains on friendly terms. In fact, Desirae and her current significant other have since had twin daughters. She later invited close friends from her gaming community to her first birthday party, including her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Lazar has been in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Caroline, also known by her nickname Lilchiipmunk, since 2017.

Given its platform and audience reach, it’s no surprise that Summit1g has also closed numerous deals. One of those partnerships includes Monster Energy Drink, which EssentiallySports reportedly ended in 2020. He later signed a deal with GFuel. Summit1g also offers its other sponsors’ products as part of its premium gaming gear, such as: These include the Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard, a custom Secret Labs chair and Audio Technica microphone, and the ATH-AD700X headset. While these specific product names may seem like gibberish to the average person, it definitely draws serious gamers who check out Lazar’s content. Of course, this would help increase Summit1g’s net worth in 2022.

In an interview with his sponsor AudioTechnica, Summit1g opened up about his career. There he revealed that the Summit1g moniker didn’t really stem from anything specific or sentimental. In the said interview, he explained that he just randomly chose the screen name Counter Strike because nobody else used it.

Since then, it’s been up and up for the creator named Summit1g. Lazar says streaming is his job and he in turn “[treats] it like one”, sometimes streaming eight to ten hours a day. When asked how he does it every day, the 35-year-old replied:

“I’ve been playing since I was little, so it all comes naturally. It’s just fun!”

Lazar has secured the next few years after signing a multi-year deal with Twitch back in May 2020. He has remained consistent since the exclusivity deal and still ranks among the top content creators on the platform. Since then, one of his most famous streams has been his speedrun of Max Payne 3 around July 2021. In fact, he set a world record for hardcore game difficulty – just six seconds faster than the previous record holder for PC gamers.

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring streamers, Lazar told Audio Technica that building your own brand takes ingenuity and just enough exposure:

“Start by doing it for fun, not with the intention of becoming a professional streamer. Do it because you love it. Pick a main game or two and stick with it while trying to build your community, as your following will be very weak at first. Post to Facebook and Twitter whenever you go live, tell your friends and family to meet up on your channel, create a live streaming schedule so your viewers know when you’re online, and then repeat it.

Lazar is currently listed at number 18 on the list of most followed channels on Twitch, closely contested by 17th place, video game developer Riot Games. At the time this piece was written. Summit1g has accumulated 709,000 YouTube subscribers. He also posts many of his game highlights to over 61,000 Instagram followers and over a million Twitter followers. But perhaps the more prominent stat these days, Summit1g’s whopping 6.1 million subscriptions have further cemented him as one of Twitch’s biggest stars of late.

The 35-year-old content creator was most recently honored with a nomination for the 2022 Streamer Awards for the Legacy Award.

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