StreamKar surpasses its milestone of 50 million users in a commendable achievement

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
At a time when an eventful or uneventful situation arises and becomes the talk of the town, entertainment and engaging social media and live streaming platforms serve as good distractions. Being constantly overwhelmed by disturbing news can take a toll on people’s mental health. Hence, they are turning to different ways to channel their emotions and StreamKar delivers.

Importance of live streaming apps

Creating content helps people in countless ways. They not only explore their talents, skills and personality, but also use this potential to generate revenue and adopt a digital lifestyle. Live streaming apps are a great networking opportunity for people to interact with audiences in real-time and drive engagement.

StreamKar is gaining popularity and notoriety

StreamKar – India’s famous live streaming platform – has surpassed its milestone of 50 million users. A US based Tipping Points Technology Limited product has invested in this live streaming app which is a product of Mumbai based Common Vision Technologies. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it convenient for people in the country’s rural areas to use it seamlessly. Also, this app has gained popularity as it is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Telugu and Tamil which makes it accessible to a wide audience. 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.4 on the Apple App Store speak volumes about the widespread adoption and admiration of this app.

Factors that help a live streaming app get the limelight

The factors that lead to the spread of an app can be attributed to its reliability and credibility. The more authentic an app is, the more people are likely to subscribe and spread the word. Customer testimonials in the app or the play stores can also defend the reputation of a live streaming application. A live streaming application’s reputation is built on its transparency and the security measures it takes to protect the identities of content creators and influencers. Users can have peace of mind knowing their broadcasts and streams are safe, further paving the way for more talent to re-emerge. People are more likely to trust an app that is widely used with proactive user tools and resources to prevent security breaches.

More followers step by step

When a live streaming app has interactive elements on its platform to engage an audience, it gains more followers. Reposting and blogging about a streaming experience can result in an infinite lifespan for a video because it can be revisited at any time. When influencers upload a live stream as a social media post, it burns into people’s minds. Reach new audiences by using hashtags, uploading stories, and having followers far and wide share these posts. A real-time digital environment where content creators respond to or interact with people’s questions creates a sense of instant customer satisfaction. This quick responsiveness benefits the influencers and the app, leading more and more people to subscribe to it.

Gaining a huge following doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a time-consuming process and one must remain consistent and patient in order to build a good reputation online, acquire loyal followers and keep them with mass-market content.

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