Streaming Platforms: Disney+ Hotstar: The most lucrative plans for Jio, Vi and Airtel are now streaming live

Disney+ Hotstar has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in India due to the variety of content it offers its subscribers. Also, its partnerships with telecom providers have played an important role in making it accessible to a large number of people in the country.

Aside from subscribing to Disney+ Hotstar, people also have the option of accessing bundled packages offered by the likes

, (Vi) and Reliance Jio. Since most of these plans are reasonably priced, they are very popular among those who enjoy streaming content on Disney+ Hotstar.

Airtel, one of the most popular telecom providers in India, offers its users the option to choose from two plans, both of which cost under 500 rupees. One of the plans is available for Rs 399 and gives you 2.5GB of internet data daily along with a Disney+ Hotstar subscription valid for three months. While the plan itself lasts for 28 days, you can watch Disney+ Hotstar content for free for three months once you activate it. During these 28 days you can make free calls and send 100 text messages every day.

Airtel’s other plan costs Rs 499 and is quite similar to the above plan. The only major difference is that it offers you a Disney + Hotstar subscription that stays valid for one year. Along with unlimited calls, you get 2GB of free data every day on this plan.

One of the best bundle packages offered by Disney+ Hotstar costs 499 rupees. The package, valid for 28 days after activation, gives you daily access to 2 GB of free data, 100 SMS per day, unlimited calls and a year’s Disney+ Hotstar subscription. If you are on a budget, you can opt for the Rs 151 add-on package. Along with a three-month Disney + Hotstar Mobile subscription, you get 8GB of data.

To get access to Disney+ Hotstar, Vodafone Idea offers a plan priced at Rs 499. The plan is valid for 28 days. Aside from getting access to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for a year, you get perks like unlimited calls and 2GB of free data every day.

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