StatMuse Reveals Players With Most Triple Doubles In NBA Finals And Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Make Finals

Russell Westbrook may be king when it comes to triple doubles, but he’s not up to the task when it counts.

Scoring double digits, assisting or rebounding is a feat in itself, doubling all three in a game gives you triple doubles. And mastering that, you might think, would be the hardest part, but Russell Westbrook has 194 of them.

We’re going to be talking about triple-doubles here, and it might come as a surprise that there wouldn’t be a Westbrook at the helm. The reason for this is that we are also talking about the NBA Finals.

The triple-double machine has played a single finals series in his 14-year career in the First Ballot Hall of Fame, notching 0 triple-doubles in those five games against the Miami Heat in 2012.

Now, if we talk about most triple-doubles in the playoffs, the 9x All-Star makes the top-3 with 12 of them, but the other two players on this list have more than double his number. And these two stars of the generation are the men with the most Finals triple-doubles in NBA history.

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LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Draymond Green are the top 3 players with the most triple doubles in the NBA Finals

It should come as no surprise that the top 3 on the list are points players who are 6ft 6′ or taller. A great basketball playmaker with higher court vision can do things that a typical guard can’t.

Current Lakers superstar LeBron James, 6ft 9ft tall, is the one with 11 triple-doubles in 55 Finals games. While the Lakers’ 6-foot-9-inch superstar, Magic Johnson, has 8 in 50 games. And Draymond Green, who some may know as a triple single machine, is third with 3 in 33 games.

Also, take a look at the top triple-double goalscorers in playoff history.

So now everyone who plays basketball comes up against those stats and knows how to do it in an advantageous way, which wouldn’t be Brodie’s way. However, they would absolutely need to be much larger than a traditional guard.

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