State-level school games as of December 6 but no funds released yet: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Aparna Banerji

Jalandhar, December 3rd

Teachers have objected to the state-level failure to spend funds or sports funds for the games held in Anandpur Sahib in December.

The Government Teachers’ Union, Punjab and the Democratic Teachers’ Front have specifically objected to the failure to distribute sports equipment or funds to participating students before the Games.

Union President Sukhwinder Singh Chahal and other leaders have condemned the authorities’ lax stance ahead of the Games. Remarkably, 6,500 students from 23 districts will take part in the games, which are scheduled to take place from December 6th to 10th at Anandpur Sahib.

Expenses out of pocket

The teachers also shell out money from their own pockets for the games at the district level. Again, no money is earmarked for equipment, kits and transport for the games. —Karnail Phillaur, President of the Government Teachers Union

Funds received from previous games

We have not received any sports money for these games, nor have they been announced. However, funds for the block and district level games have been received in Jalandhar District. – Jarnail Singh, DEO (Primary School), Jalandhar

However, the Ministry of Education said the funds for transporting students to the Games venue (Anandpur Sahib) would be provided by the state government. Ministry officials have received additional money from the government for the previous games, but no sports funds for these upcoming games have been announced yet.

Up to 16 sports – including kho-kho, hockey, badminton, volleyball, kabaddi, etc. – are played at the games.

The teachers said holding such games without preparation and required facilities would reduce it to an empty exercise. Even uniforms for these games, money is required from respectable people in villages, districts, etc., they regretted, adding that even during the center and block level games, the teachers would have donated from their pockets to host the games. They stressed the earmarking of funds and the proper preparation of the Games, saying that the necessary arrangements for such an event had to be made in advance.

Union District President Karnail Phillaur said the state government needed to issue an annual sports calendar because off-season games negatively impacted students’ studies. “The games were announced abruptly in the middle of winter, when students are busy preparing for their exams. The Department of Education should publish an annual calendar so teachers know when the Games are scheduled,” he added.

He lamented that even during the district-level games, the teachers shot money out of their pockets. “Again this time there is no money for equipment, equipment and transport for the games,” he said.

DEO (Primary), Jalandhar, Jarnail Singh said: “The games were announced 15 days ago and will be held for four days. Teachers can spend at least that much time. Sport is an integral part of academic and student growth. From Jalandhar, two buses were kept ready for the participants. We have also been informed that the ministry will issue money for the ride. As for kits, students already have kits from previous years so they can use them. We have not received any sports money for these games, nor have they been announced. But Rs 10,000 per block for the block-level games and Rs 60,000 per district for the district-level games has already been issued by the state government and has also been received in Jalandhar district.”


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