Star Wars Celebration 2022 – What to expect

The day has finally come – it’s time for Star Wars celebration 2022! More than two years have passed since the last official celebration because of the pandemic. So it feels like we’re long overdue to celebrate a galaxy far, far away! We can expect to hear a lot of things at this event. Here’s a summary of some of the speculation and rumors surrounding the event.

Where and when can I watch it?

The official Star Wars celebration is in California at the Anaheim Convention Center. Lucasfilm will host the event from Thursday, May 26th through May 29th. You can still pick up some last minute tickets when you’re in the area.

However, if you are unable to attend the event, you can watch the live stream. Just head over to the official Star Wars YouTube channel to watch along. However, they will only be livestreaming some of the key panels, so don’t expect to see everything there.

Star Wars Celebration – Events on Thursday

Star Wars celebration Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

To kick start Star Wars celebration, Lucasfilm is hosting a showcase event. This includes visits from “special guests” and select members of the film crew. In addition, they will also preview some of the written work for this year.

We can expect to see many previews of the upcoming TV shows here. These probably include The Mandalorian Season 3, a little taste of the Andor TV show and some more information about the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. Don’t forget to look Kenobi if it falls today!

As for the publishing site, there is more information about the High Republic series at Star Wars celebration 2022. As we enter the third wave of The High Republic Phase 1, we will likely see some things about Phase 2. Maybe we’ll find out what the Quest of the Jedi is.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ian McDiarmid has an exclusive panel on the day. He’ll talk more about what it was like to play the terrifying Emperor Palpatine war of stars trilogies. He previously hinted at appearing in an upcoming TV show. So maybe he’ll give us more information on this panel!

Star Wars Celebration – Events on Friday

Star Wars celebration Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

For the next day from Star Wars celebration In 2022, fans can see an exclusive preview of Light & Magic. This is a documentary series about the visual effects work that went into the making of parts of the war of stars Franchise. Special behind-the-scenes guests at Lucasfilm will be here to answer questions.

Then it’s time to turn back the clock – 20 years to be exact! 2022 marks exactly two decades since Lucasfilm’s release attack of the Clone warriors. So we can expect to hear some interesting details about how the film was made and some interesting behind-the-scenes details. You can expect to see some merchandise reveals here as well.

Next, the fans will see war of stars worldwide at Star Wars celebration 2022. You will learn how various Disney Parks are celebrating this event internationally, for example with new experiences. We’ll likely hear more about future updates to Galaxy’s Edge and the Galactic Starcruiser immersive experience.

Events on Saturday

Star Wars celebration Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Star Wars celebration On Saturday it will be even more exciting! First, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni will preview the next season of The Mandalorian. It’s her first appearance at the event since the show’s release in 2019, so we can expect to hear a lot about Grogu’s escape and the titular character in the next season.

In addition, Doug Chiang will discuss the design aspects of The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s book. He will be speaking about the work that goes into the visual aspects of designing various aspects of both shows. Therefore, you can expect a lot of behind-the-scenes and unseen pictures here.

Lucasfilm will preview their latest animated series on the penultimate day Star Wars celebration. This is called Tales of the Jedi, and we don’t know much about it yet. So we’ll likely find out more, including the characters involved. Since this is an anthology series, we’ll likely see a lot of iconic characters.

Events on Sunday

Star Wars celebration Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

barrier Star Wars celebration 2022, cast and crew of The bad batch will be talking about their favorite moments from Season 1 of the show. This includes the executive producers, story editors and lead voice actors. They’ll likely give us more information on what’s coming in season two.

Lucasfilm and Quibic Pictures will also host a panel about it Star Wars: Visions. This unique approach to the franchise was a hit with fans, and there will be a lot of interesting news at this event. So you can expect plenty of information about the show’s design process and news about a second series.

Finally important members of the clone wars Series will return to conclusion Star Wars celebration 2022. What better way than with a demonstration of The Siege of Mandalore?! This arc marks the end of the animated series and we can’t think of a better way to wrap up the event!

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