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St. Al Football Players Direct Traffic At Miss Mississippi – The Vicksburg Post

Vicksburg native, Ole Miss football legend Richard Price dies at 81
Vicksburg native, Ole Miss football legend Richard Price dies at 81 from

In a display of community service and teamwork, the St. Al Football Players took on a new role as traffic directors during the Miss Mississippi Parade in 2023. The event, organized by The Vicksburg Post, brought together local businesses, organizations, and residents to celebrate the pageant and support its participants. This unique opportunity allowed the football players to showcase their leadership skills while contributing to the overall success of the parade.


The St. Al Football Players have always been known for their dedication and passion on the field. However, their involvement in community service initiatives has become equally commendable. This year, the team decided to take their commitment to the next level by assisting with the Miss Mississippi Parade. The Vicksburg Post, the local newspaper, played an integral role in organizing the event and reached out to the football team for their assistance.

Role as Traffic Directors

On the day of the parade, the St. Al Football Players arrived early in their team jerseys and were assigned specific intersections along the parade route. Equipped with bright vests and whistles, they efficiently directed traffic, ensuring the safety of participants and spectators alike. Their presence not only helped maintain order but also added to the overall excitement and energy of the event.

Training and Preparation

Prior to the parade, the football players underwent training to familiarize themselves with traffic control and management techniques. Local law enforcement officials provided guidance on hand signals, traffic flow, and emergency procedures. The team members embraced this opportunity to learn and develop skills that extend beyond their usual athletic training, further enhancing their personal growth and community engagement.

Community Impact

The St. Al Football Players’ active involvement in the Miss Mississippi Parade had a profound impact on the community. Their presence not only ensured the smooth flow of traffic but also served as positive role models for younger individuals attending the event. Many children looked up to the players with admiration, inspiring them to pursue both athletic and community-oriented endeavors.

Recognition and Appreciation

Their outstanding contribution did not go unnoticed. The Vicksburg Post, in collaboration with local authorities, recognized the St. Al Football Players for their selfless service during a special ceremony held after the parade. The team received certificates of appreciation and heartfelt gratitude from the organizers, participants, and the community at large.

Team Bonding and Leadership Development

Engaging in community service activities like directing traffic at the Miss Mississippi Parade not only helps the team give back to the community but also strengthens the bond between the players. The shared experience of working together towards a common goal fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and leadership skills, which can translate to success on the football field and beyond.

Future Initiatives

The St. Al Football Players’ involvement in the Miss Mississippi Parade has opened doors for future collaborations with The Vicksburg Post and other community organizations. The team plans to actively seek out opportunities to contribute to the betterment of their community, solidifying their reputation as not just skilled athletes, but also responsible and compassionate individuals.

The St. Al Football Players’ role as traffic directors at the Miss Mississippi Parade was a testament to their commitment to both their athletic pursuits and community service. Their dedication and willingness to go beyond the football field showcased their leadership skills and left a lasting impact on the community. This experience will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors, both as a team and as individuals, as they continue to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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