Sports Illustrated Week 9 Pac-12 College Football Power Rankings

We’ve now made it through eight weeks of college football. Is the Pac-12 picture clearer after Oregon’s 45-30 win over UCLA?

Our group of Pac-12 publishers has come together to bring you our weekly Power Leaderboard.

Week 9 SI Pac-12 Football Power Rankings

1. Oregon 6-1, 4-0… (6 votes for first place) 83

2.UCLA 6-1, 3-1…72

3.USC 6-1, 4-1…(1)71

4. Utah 5-2, 3-1…68

5. Washington 6-2, 3-2…53

6. Oregon State 6-2, 3-2…52

7. Washington State 4-3, 1-3…42

8.Arizona 3-4, 1-3…30

9.Stanford 3-4, 1-4…27

10. Cal. 3-4, 1-3…25

11. Arizona State 2-5, 1-3…16

12. Colorado 1-6, 1-3…7

Jake Curtis, Cal Sports Report

1st Oregon, 2nd USC, 3rd UCLA, 4th Utah, 5th Washington, 6th Oregon State, 7th Washington State, 8th Stanford, 9th Cal, 10th Arizona, 11th Arizona State, 12th Colorado

Comment: It seems like a different team is number 1 every week, and that trend is likely to continue. I’m still waiting for one of the top four teams to lose to one of the other eight teams, but it will happen. I’m also waiting for a Pac-12 team to play some defense. The first team to get a stop wins the conference.

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