Sports Illustrated Week 5 Pac-12 Soccer Power Rankings

After four weeks of college football, it’s that time again. Our group of Pac-12 publishers and writers has come together to bring you our weekly rundown of the power rankings in the Conference of Champions.

1. USC 4-0…(5 votes for first place) 82 points

2. Tie Utah 3-1…(1) 74

2. Tie. Washington 4-0…(1)74

4.Oregon 3-1…59

5. Oregon State 3-1…53

6.UCLA 4-0…51

7. Washington State 3-1…46

8. Cal. 3-1…37

9.Arizona 2-2…26

10.Stanford 1-2…23

11. Arizona State 1-3…14

12. Colorado 0-4…7

Jake Curtis, Cal Sports Report

1. Washington; 2.USC; 3.UCLA; 4. Utah; 5.Oregon; 6. State of Oregon; 7. Washington State; 8th cal.; 9.Arizona; 10.Stanford; 11. State of Arizona; 12. Colorado

Comment: UCLA’s soft schedule grinds to a halt over the next two weeks when it comes to Washington and Utah. Then we’ll see if the Bruins belong in the upper league of the conference. ASU and Colorado are fighting to be in the nation’s top 10.

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