Soulstice Beginner Tips

Soulstice differs from other action RPGs with its unique world, two protagonists and fast-paced battles. Briar and Lute each bring unique supernatural powers, and they will need them all if they are to succeed in their fight against the Wraiths that now plague the Holy Kingdom of Keidas.

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Lots going on inside soul stone, both in combat and in story, and it may take a while to learn the proper use of the characters’ various powers, weapons, and resources. Although fights can sometimes be difficult, Soulstice isn’t the hardest game out there, so there’s nothing stopping the player from just jumping in and seeing what happens. However, a few tips can make things a lot easier and more fun for new players. Here are some top tips that everyone Soulstice Beginners should know.


6 Adjust to camera

Whether in one of the best or worst areas of the game, the camera is there Soulstice may take some getting used to. When exploring the world, it works similar to the camera in the old days resident Evil Games: Switch to a different angle when the player moves out of frame. For platform segments, meanwhile, it switches to a more traditional two-dimensional view, mercifully making jumps easier to identify and time.

In combat, the camera changes again, giving the player more control over it. This makes it easier to follow the action, dodge enemy attacks, and otherwise fight. While such a variety in camera mechanics sounds complicated on paper, it doesn’t take long to get used to in practice. However, it is easier if the player knows what to expect from the camera in the respective situation, since abrupt changes are then not so disturbing.

5 Soulstice is not Soulslike

Looking at the game (not to mention its name) it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that Soulstice is a member of the ultra punishing soulslike genre. That’s not the case, however, and understanding the differences between this game and Soulslikes goes a long way in preparing the player for battle Soulstice.

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Combat here is faster, smoother, and more arcade-like than most Soulslike games. The player can juggle enemies in the air, string together light and heavy attack combos, dash in the air, and otherwise engage in much more mobile and ruthless gameplay than is typically possible in the genre. Although the gameplay is melee-focused, Lute’s abilities can be used to disrupt enemy attacks and momentum, adding a strategic element to combat.

4 unit counts

Attacking enemies increases unity (tracked by the icon in the top right corner). Unity allows Lute to fire additional energy beams and use Briar’s Synergy attacks. These abilities allow the player to take down most enemies quickly Keeping the pressure on enemies and refilling unity quickly are important parts of combat.

However, Unity is not a one-way street Soulstice takes its cues from other great action RPGs by adding some complexity to the mechanics. If the player is knocked back or damaged by an attack, their unit will decrease. Therefore, avoiding hits is just as important as landing your own hits. Most of the time, the player will be able to play aggressively and build up unit quickly, but there will be moments when it’s wiser to slow down and focus on defense and dodging to preserve the unit that the player has already has. Knowing when to attack and when to fall back is a lesson only experience can teach.

3 Know your fields

Soulstice contains two types of fields: evocation and banishment. During the player’s journey, they will come across Cobalt Veins (Blue) and Crystal Overgrowth (Red), which must be destroyed with Summoning and Banishing Fields in order to destroy them. Using a field creates an energy dome of the appropriate color, and in order to be destroyed, cobalt veins and crystal overgrowth must remain within the dome’s confines.

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Using fields generates entropy, and when entropy is full, Lute briefly disappears. Summoning and Banishing fields are also necessary when fighting blue and red enemies. since these enemies can only take damage if they are within a square of the same color. Fields are also used in certain platforming sequences, although this mechanic seems to exist primarily to switch things up and give them a little break from the usual routine, so understanding the use of fields in these platforming sequences isn’t that important Understanding their use in combat.

2 rapture

There is more to winning battles Soulstice than just making the best of your guns. Rapture acts as a sort of rage mechanic, even allowing Briar to damage enemies that would normally need to be within a summoning or banishing field to do damage. The second activation of Rapture performs a flashy special ability to deal extra damage. Also spoil the player with a cool movie.

However, Rapture has a significant disadvantage. Triggering Rapture causes a significant decrease in Unity. Regaining unit isn’t usually a huge issue, but this downside is one the player should be aware of before using Rapture, as accidentally losing a large amount of unit at the wrong time can unnecessarily complicate fights.

1 Master the Arsenal

Briar has two weapons at his disposal early in the game: the Ashen Vindicator and the Ashen Enforcer. The Vindicator is the faster but weaker of the two, while the Enforcer is slower but deals more damage. Later in the game Briar will also be able to use the Hand of Vengeance, a gauntlet that can be used to both parry and uppercut enemies.

Different weapons are strong against different enemy types. The Ashen Enforcer excels at taking out flying enemies, while the Hand of Retribution is best at breaching the defenses of heavily armored enemies. Each weapon also has its own unique abilities that can make battles a lot easier once the player knows how to best use them. The Ashen Vindicator is always equipped, but the player can only use one of their other two weapons at a time. Fortunately, the player can switch between these weapons on the fly. So if the player wields the Hand of Vengeance only to find they need the Enforcer more, they can quickly grab what they need.

Soulstice is now available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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