Sony Moves Live-Action Series ‘Horizon’ and ‘Gran Turismo’ to Streaming Companies – Any Buyers?

Sony wants to dive into the new media, and with the streaming shows and series, many people will also prefer games alone. The PlayStation exclusives included in this project are the Horizon series and Gran Turismo, which are still looking for buyers to claim the project and start production.

Sony is looking for buyers for its “Horizon” and “Gran Turismo” series

Horizon Forbidden West Spoilers: Removed PS4 images of the game leaked online

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According to CNet, Sony is trying to bring its PlayStation exclusive titles to a different experience than what gamers are used to, and it’s with the live-action series that people could see on streaming platforms. The titles included in their alleged plans would be the Horizon series and the Gran Turismo franchise.

Aside from Horizon, there are no specific distributors or production houses that Sony has announced for this project. They are targeting a deal with Netflix for its development and streaming. Other PlayStation games are already linked to major production houses, including HBO with The Last of Us and Peacock with Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima.

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Netflix could be targeting ‘Horizon’ with PlayStation

Variety published a report stating that Sony is eyeing the giant streaming platform Netflix to take on Horizon Zero Dawn, the famous game about this heroine who saves the native world from machines. This is where Aloy would take it to the bigger screens, and she would be seen walking through her territory fighting those trying to take it.

Netflix isn’t afraid to develop game titles and bring the animated world experience to a real-life adaptation. No responses have been announced from Netflix regarding this project.

Sony and its media and entertainment

The famous Japanese brand is known for its multinational activities that expand into multimedia and focus on different titles available. Sony is also known for creating films from its in-house Sony Pictures studios, including the animated comic strip Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, which focuses on Miles Morales.

There’s also another Sony Pictures production that has brought a games franchise to life, and that’s with Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in the 2022 release of Uncharted, from the same title as the game. It’s another game that Sony has taken to the big picture, allowing people to experience a different aspect of the title’s entertainment qualities without using a controller.

Now the company is still ramping up production on the many game franchises it has in the library, all of which are set to make their way to the big screens or streaming platforms. It would focus on expanding the gaming franchise and adding to the glory of the different titles that will have their own series available for everyone.

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