‘Solar Opposites’ Season 3 Trailer: Watch online now

The tiny humans living in the wall of Jesse and Yumyulack’s bedroom will finally get their revenge! That’s right – the parallel story of a miniature civilization forming within the Slorpian household comes full circle in Season 3 of Solar Opposites, which premieres on Hulu next month. Series co-creator Mike McMahan spoke to SYFY WIRE last year (Star Trek: Lower Decks) revealed that “three or four seasons” of Wall-related content were planned from the start. He went on to tease more drama with the tiny company’s leading figures: Tim (Andy Daly), Halk (Sterling K. Brown) and Cherie (Christina Hendricks).

But that’s just a small (pun intended) fraction of the narrative as our favorite next-door aliens settle into the neighborhood and abandon their mission to restore the planet Shlorp. Now that Korvo (co-creator Justin Roiland), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Jesse (Mary Mack) and Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) are no longer busy fixing their spaceship, they can do anything from sci-fi weirdness, which includes a ray gun that turns people into gargoyle statues and an adventure Inside the doll.

If the gloves weren’t off at this point, they are now. “I think we’re still pushing the boundaries… and going into Season 3. Like holy shit,” Roiland told us. “There’s some stuff in Season 3 that’s really insane.”

Watch trailer now:

Roiland and McMahan – who first met at Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty – serve as executive producers alongside Josh Bycel. The show is produced by 20th Television. As McMahan explained to us before the first season premiered two years ago, the driving force behind the show was to subvert the alien-life-on-earth genre.

“We grew up watching shows where aliens were hiding from the government and the police and pretending to belong. And we wanted to do an alien show that is that [different]”, he said. “We love these shows – we grew up with them ALF and 3. Stone from the Sun and all these things – and we said, ‘You know what? There’s a way to make those shows that you never have to cover again. I never want Korvo to worry about the FBI breaking down his door unless he’s cooking meth.”

Season 3 of Solar Opposites lands on Hulu on Wednesday, July 13th. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Hulu along with a bonus holiday special. Hulu renewed the series for a fourth season last summer.

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