Soccer Practice Report: August 5th

Venue: Outdoor exercise fields
format: Helmets and shorts

The first preparatory training of the Dan Lanning Era in Oregon was conducted Friday afternoon as the Ducks began accelerating their preparations for the 2022 season.

The first exercise is always one that elicits mixed reactions. It’s exciting to get back together in training and to see the progress that has been made in summer training. And there is urgency as it becomes clear where there is still work to be done before the kick-off.

It was no different on Friday.

“Good first day,” Lanning said. “Not nearly as far as we need to be for game one. But luckily we’re not playing game one yet.”

Pat Herbert practice

There was excitement on several levels, in terms of personnel. On the one hand, the ducks are largely healthy at the beginning of the camp. Some players who were restricted at the end of last season, such as B. Tight ends Patrick Herbert and Cam McCormickand defender Brandon Dorlus and Keyon Ware-Hudsonare now back in the game.

And the freshmen on the roster who weren’t available for spring practice attended their first practice as Ducks. recipient Caleb Chapman made a few big plays in his first practice since moving to Oregon and as a freshman running back JordanJames also caught Lanning’s attention.

From the Athletics of the Offensive Lineman Josh Conerly Jr. up to the length of the defense Khamari Terrell to the catch radius of the receiver Kyler KasperFriday was an opportunity to see many of the guys that made up Oregon’s impressive recruiting class of 2022.

Josh Conerly practice

Of course, recruiting rankings are out the window now. Now it’s time to act as a college football player. And show consistent improvement every day.

“One percent is what we look for in everything we do,” Lanning said. “Where can we find this?”

The camp continues on Saturday. One area Lanning would like to see improvement in is sustainable execution.

“Our boys looked fast,” he said. “But I have to say today at the eighth hour we were starting to look slow. It’s about learning how to play consistently fast over time.”

The Ducks didn’t look ready to play on a Friday in their new coach’s eyes, but Friday wasn’t game day. It’s not Saturday either, but game one will be a day closer. And Lanning will see if the Ducks get any better over the course of the camp.

Jake Shipley practice

Remarkable: Practice early this preseason is in the afternoon, a departure from Oregon’s schedule in recent seasons. The Ducks started around 2:45 p.m. on Friday and finished around 5:00 p.m. … To prevent the players from overheating in the afternoon sun, staff sprayed water on guys who weren’t in a practice session. And there was an entire practice period where the Ducks sat in bleachers under pop-up tents, ingesting liquids and popsicles. …

The practice ended with a 2-minute drill and the offense was able to place points on the board two different times. … The south wall of the Oregon Training Fields has been retouched and the wording on the wall has been updated to reflect the priorities of the program. Well, the four words listed are “connection”, “hardness”, “growth” and “sacrifice”.

Ben Roberts practice


head coach Dan Lanning
About postponing training to the afternoon

“Football has to be tough. We want to try hard. And we’ll play a lot of games in this position in the afternoon.”

About encouraging competition along his experienced offensive line
“They push her just like other guys. So we move guys in different positions. Certainly none of them have been anointed to be in their places. Your top five are up front. It’s not just assumed who it was before.

Jackson Powers-Johnson practice

Interview after the internship:

head coach Dan Lanning

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