‘So healthy’: Baseball fans cheer on little girl’s bottle toss

The spin the bottle challenge is hard to complete but sometimes small kids unexpectedly master the difficult challenge with much more ease than adults. A video that went viral on social media proved this once again.

The now viral video shows a group of baseball fans cheering for a young girl trying to successfully land a water bottle. The crowd attentively watches her every move with bated breath, and erupts in loud cheers as she successfully inverts the water bottle and lands.

The wholesome video, reportedly shot during a baseball game at New York’s famous Yankee Stadium, was posted to social media by a Twitter user by the name of @Saquon_Gleyber.

Sharing the video on Monday, June 27th, 2022, @Saquon_Gleyber wrote: “This girl cheered the whole section on for her bottle switch.”

The 17-second video has since been viewed over 8.8 million times. One Twitter user wrote: “I love it when people overdo kids like that. Idc if they do something stupid or whatever. Children need more of it.”

Another person wrote: “This is my favorite energy in the world!! Be it black, white, whoever it is. Make hype about small things, affirm children’s feelings, and just turn everyday things into something fun. I love it!”

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