Sinatraa is responding to God’s Reign’s offer for VCT 2023

Valorant is gaining popularity around the world as the VCT scene has grown rapidly with the success of Riot’s shooter. As the upcoming season drew near, the CEO of Indian esports organization God’s Reign attempted to make a contract offer to famous NA Valorant player Sinatraa.

Sinatraa later claimed that he had a rather strange response to this offer. In a live stream while playing Valorant, the NA player shared his response to the organization’s offer.

He said:

“That’s it? I’ll be doing this on Twitch for a month.”

The pro has entered the competitive scene for a short time in the past two years. While Sinatraa fans are no doubt excited for the small return of their star player, it remains to be seen how the player’s future will be decided in VCT 2023.

Sinatraa discusses God’s Reign’s VCT contract offer on livestream

Jat “Sinatraa” Won is an American player who was a Valorant streamer for Sentinels. He recently made a small debut on the Riot competitive scene where his team got stuck in the Valorant Challengers 2023: North America Split 1 – Last Chance Qualifier. The player also made a name for himself in competitive Overwatch before Valorant.

In a recent livestream, Sinatraa interacted with his chat while streaming Valorant. At one point in the stream, the player started talking about the offer he received from the God’s Reign team. He first said:

“Are you talking about the one where the Indian organization offered me $144,000 a year?”

The player then told viewers about his response to the offer by discussing his earnings on Twitch. He also mentions how his current earnings far exceed their offer as the player earns more than the contract in a short amount of time on stream.

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This news is especially big even for VCT streamers. On the other hand, Sinataraa has been a successful content creator for quite some time.

He later added:

“I said is it $144,000 a year or a month?”

Sinatraa later responded to a chat asking if he’s really making the earnings he claimed on the stream. To which he replied:

“No, I can’t do that in a month.

He went even deeper into this topic, explaining in which months he can hope for such earnings:

“Yeah, like December or November, like it might get close to that number.”

Another subscriber asked him about his salary on the stream, to which Sinatraa politely replied while continuing to complete the statement. He stated:

“What is a reasonable salary for me? 50,000 a month. As a content creator, I use 25.”

The player concluded his statement by addressing the benefits of creating content from home and his situation. He said:

“That’s generous if I can stay in my house all the time and have nowhere to go.”

This answer might give fans an idea of ​​what Sinatraa plans for its future within the VCT ecosystem.

Sinatraa has had better deals in the past while following Overwatch professionally. The NA player is unlikely to accept such offers for his VCT journey, at least not for now.

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