Simple tips for new age moms to keep giving their baby the benefits of breast milk Health

Breast milk, also known as golden milk, is an important part of a baby’s growth and nutrition because it not only provides all the nutrients your baby needs during the first six months of life, but also determines the first year of life and beyond . Health experts insist that breastfeeding should not be limited to just the first few months of a baby’s growth, but should continue through 12 or 18 months and beyond as it helps the baby have adequate nutrition and Developing a strong immune system and chances of health decreases problems like stomach infections, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure in adulthood, along with building stronger muscles and teeth and helping to form emotional and physical bonds that last for years.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr. Priyanka Sharma, gynecologist at Amar Shakti Clinic, said: “Typically, the recommended breastfeeding period is two years, with the baby being given exclusively breastmilk for the first six months. Well, babies are tiny and take time to settle in – don’t lose patience or hope, they will eventually settle down with experience and training. Meanwhile, for convenience, you can use a quality breast pump to stimulate and store milk for up to 72 hours. When expressing or feeding, be sure to wipe your nipples clean with a damp cloth to avoid discharge or infection, which can harm mother and baby.”

She suggested: “New Age moms can be pressed for time, working and being in a nuclear facility – so make sure you’re getting enough sleep and nourishment, and use the six-month maternity leave to breastfeed and yourself too.” to recover from child birth. Eat healthy fats, proteins and avoid carbohydrates. Their traditional panjiri is an excellent source; Otherwise nuts/protein powder. A six-month-old baby can also begin eating other recommended foods (as recommended by the pediatrician), and then breast milk can be given accordingly. From birth, breastfeeding should be done on demand – when the child needs it. Don’t stress, only feed when the child asks.”

Richa Pendake, Founder and CEO of Nutrizoe, emphasized, “For moms, breastfeeding helps burn more calories and shed pregnancy weight. It also reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and helps restore the uterus to its original size. It is advisable that mothers remain adequately hydrated to ward off dehydration and keep milk flowing. One should also focus on a balanced diet that includes healthy fats and continue taking prenatal vitamins until breastfeeding is complete.”

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