Servant Season 4 Episode 4 release date, time and where to watch

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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Servant Season 4 Episode 4, giving the release date and where to watch it online.

servant is at its best when it leans into its supernatural horror elements while delivering bizarre yet brilliant entertainment. In “Seance,” the series hits that sweet spot again as the wacky new nurses try to channel some guidance Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose)who loses hope of ever being able to walk again. In the meantime, Leanne (Nell Tigerfree) believes the nurses are spies and Julian continues to investigate these friendly old ladies. It’s a great rate that makes it possible Rupert Grint an opportunity to rise as Julian. While the seance sequence in the last third provides plenty of tension. Here’s what happened servant Season 4 Episode 3:

  • New nurses, Bobbie and Bev, introduce themselves to the household. Sean is happy to have more help around the house, but Leanne thinks they were sent by the cult. Julian does some research on the duo but finds nothing unusual.
  • The nurses quickly settle in, clean up and give advice. They even clean Leanne’s room, which infuriates the nanny. They continue to give Jericho a stuffed animal, which Leanne continues to throw away. At the end she calls the sisters.
  • Dorothy asks the nurses to help her walk again. They try the usual exercises, but Dorothy loses patience. She asks to get up and is delighted when, with the help of the nurses and two crutches, she manages to do so. Then she wants to run, but falls over at the first step forward.
  • Sean wants to reconnect with Dorothy, so he cooks her delicious meal. However, Dorothy refuses his meals.
  • While the nurses help Dorothy, Julian searches her living quarters and is disturbed to find a box full of sex toys.
  • The nurses talk to Sean, concerned about Dorothy’s setback and Leanne’s distrust. Sean thinks the household is struggling but won’t admit why. He avoids telling them about Jericho, instead focusing on the loss of Dorothy’s mother.
  • The nurses orchestrate a seance so Dorothy can communicate with her mother. The mother tells Dorothy that it’s okay to accept support. Bobbie talks about Dorothy sleeping in her mother’s bed after a bad dream.
  • Leanne confronts the nurses and shows them her dagger. She rips Bobbie’s clothes and finds her back has no scars. Dorothy orders Leanne to go to her room.
  • Julian returns the knife and asks what Leanne would do if she found any scars. Leanne says she would kill her.
  • Sean tries to talk to Dorothy again and offers her pancakes. Dorothy says their relationship has changed but accepts the pancakes. Sean tells her the nurses don’t quit.
  • Leanne or possibly Dorothy dreams that the house is haunted by a dark shadow. Dorothy wakes up to find Leanne asleep on her bed.

Servant Season 4 Episode 4 release date and time

Season 4 Episode 4 is scheduled for release on Friday, February 3, 2023 on Apple TV+. The release time is 12:00 PM PT. Episode 4 is said to be called “Boo!”

where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch servant Season 4 Episode 4 with a Apple TV subscription+ on the above date.


  • The seance and themes explored in this episode all alluded to one fact, Leanne sees Dorothy as a mother figure. Will Dorothy be kinder to Leanne after this truth is revealed, or will they keep bickering?
  • Leanne trusts the sisters a little more now; Your attention will most likely be turned back to building a capable army of followers with the aim of defending yourself against Uncle George and the cult.
  • Sean will continue to try to rebuild his relationship with Dorothy. The mother will continue to struggle to walk again.

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