Scathing opinion on ASU football unsurprising

A segment of Athlon Magazine’s preview of Arizona State Football that contained scathing footage of anonymous opposing coaches became a topic of conversation about the state of the program.

Chris Karpman from joined Bickley & Marott of Arizona Sportsa to offer his two cents for the opinions that called ASU “college football’s biggest dumpster fire” and a “ticking time bomb.”

“Not that surprised, actually,” Karpman said Tuesday. “They’ve been covering college football for about 20 years now and developing a lot of relationships with people who coach at other schools or later coach at other schools … last year and really since is the best thing I’ve heard from opposing coaches — guys, that I haven’t even reached yet – (who) ask me what’s happening at ASU.

That Athlon received strong opinions and few positive opinions wasn’t particularly surprising, according to Karpman.

“Why are they throwing away this great opportunity to win the Pac-12 South if not the conference? How come (former quarterback) Jayden Daniels declined so much?” Karpman was asked by other teams’ coaches. “Those things were regularly recurring traits of mine covering the team last year in terms of (what) people who were actually in the college coaching community had to say.”

“It’s not that surprising that this ends up on Athlon, hard as it may be. … I’m confident a lot of coaches feel that way,” Karpman added.

That rumble, along with the forthcoming results of the NCAA’s investigation into alleged recruiting mistakes, inspires the question of why head coach Herm Edwards is sticking with one job when a handful of coaches around him have left or lost their jobs over the past year.

“I think it boils down to Ray Anderson as athletic director, he has a good relationship with[Arizona State University president]Michael Crow or historically,” Karpman said. “It’s like a pillar in the ground that everything else is based on. It’s going to take a lot for ASU to make these kinds of moves. I don’t think Anderson will do it of his own accord or anything.

“Crow will probably have to tell him it has to happen somehow, which means Ray Anderson has failed at the biggest, most important and most visual part of his job – and he himself would be in danger of walking out the door… Should a sports director hire someone, that he previously represented as a client, and is that a conflict of interest, or is that something that will cause problems if something like this happens with the NCAA investigation? I think it is.”

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