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Tired of watching NBA games that lull you to sleep in the middle of the season? If so, the introduction of these rule changes that would improve the NBA could bring a jolt to a mid-February contest between the Warriors and Rockets.

Walk this way

Whenever you watch a game with an elder, their first observation is how each player moves when driving onto the lane or double dribbles when moving the basketball across the court. While the complaint makes you chuckle, what is a trip anyway?

Like a catch in the NFL, no one knows what travel is anymore. Some moves look like obvious trips, but skilled players use euro steps to get away with it. Either strictly enforce travel violations or turn basketball into a game of rugby without the malicious touch.

four-point line

Stephen Curry may have broken the basketball game. Mid-level jumpers are obsolete, and corner threes and layups account for half of the shots in a game. Now it’s time to make the three-point shot what the 15-foot fadeaway is today – an inefficient shot.

A four-point line would allow shooters to showcase their skills more than ever before. If the league fears such a change could ruin an entire game, they could incorporate it if there’s less than two minutes left in a quarter, limiting options. It also gives teams a chance when they’re down badly late in the game. Think of it as the basketball version of the Ave Mary.

Make free throws fun

What makes college basketball exciting or frustrating, depending on the side, is the one-and-one free throw. Nothing gets your heart pumping like a one-and-one try when your team is down with six seconds to go. Using this feature in an NBA game puts additional pressure on teams late in the game and creates more excitement for viewers.

If you want to go wild with more free throw exchanges, you could say that a player who shoots them offhand gets two points instead of one. Considering Lebron James is ambidextrous, you can forget his lousy free-throw percentage when the Lakers lost four.

Less is more

You only need a month to separate the aspirants from the aspirants. So what’s the point of an 82-game season? The players take days off for load management because the season is too long. When you make it shorter, teams have more urgency to do their best.

The NBA is also set to bring back the five-game first-round series. Everyone knows the seven game opening round series is a money grab and it’s a waste of time watching the two seeds beat the seven seeds in five games. If not, shorten the streak and at least limit the teams that make the playoffs.

Each season would be a lot more exciting if the league introduced these rule changes that would make the NBA better. The end of the games would not be so boring with free throw and four point line and it would be more exciting with each game meaning something.

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