Rollerdrome tips – how to skate and shoot in style

Rollerdrome is here and it’s pretty awesome. Filled with mesmerizing gameplay moments as you skate and shoot and earn points to achieve new high scores. But if you really want to excel at rollerdrome play, you should learn a few rollerdrome tips before you start playing.

These tips mainly focus on mastering some of the more complex mechanics in the game, as there is a lot going on in Rollerdrome. And while you can get through levels without grappling with everything, if you want to complete the tougher second campaign after completing the first and keep improving your score, these tips are really worth considering.

So be sure to read below for ours Rollerdrome tips to help you top the leaderboards in this new blood sport.

Rollerdrome tips

Our Rollerdrome tips, which focus on some key changes you should make to the game’s control system and master the game mechanics, are below:

Change the controls for an Air Out

The first tip for Rollerdrome? Change one of the controls. Yes, we are serious. There’s a mechanic called “Air Out” which by default is a launch of a half pipe or ramp when you push the stick forward. Now you don’t have to hold the left stick forward once you start moving, but we found it difficult not to.

As such, any ramp or halfpipe we would ride up would cause us to air out rather than jump in the air and spin. And if your brain’s wired for the same workout as ours, which is “Forward with the stick equals forward motion,” we recommend changing that action to a right stick click instead, so you can do flips and twists and die Get satisfaction feeling that Rollerdrome can provide when performing these moves.

Rollerdrome Tips: The skater can be seen skating in an arena

Familiarize yourself with the controls

This is similar to the last tip, but don’t be afraid to play around in the first tutorial mission or get familiar with how Rollerdrome is played so you can make moves.

There’s a lot to play for here, and it can all be a bit overwhelming at first, so it pays to learn moves one at a time until you’ve mastered them and are able to chain them with subsequent flips, grinds, or spins.

Rollerdrome Tips: The skater can be seen sliding across a gap in a wall

Don’t break through levels

While you might hit the threshold to unlock a new level relatively quickly, skating through levels right away isn’t necessarily the right decision.

Instead, you’ll want to spend time learning them, as each introduces new obstacles, mechanics, or enemies, such as: B. Rockets to watch out for or walls to grind against. This way you can improve your skills for the next level, but also for the much harder campaign that will be unlocked later.

Rollerdrome Tips: The skater can be seen dodging missiles and more

Don’t ignore combos

Combos are core to maintaining your score in Rollerdrome and you shouldn’t ignore them as they grant some nice point buffs and can really improve your game in harder arenas. At first, tracking combos seems easy.

However, as you become proficient with new weapons and abilities, you can collect higher and more varied combos that will allow you to hit score thresholds more easily and advance to the following levels faster if you’ve already gotten to grips with everything newly introduced have the level you are at.

Rollerdrome Tips: The skater can be seen driving towards a group of enemies.

Master the Super Reflex

Finally, we recommend that you learn how to use Super Reflex, the ultra slow-motion reflex time that will allow you to better scout an arena or quickly kill multiple enemies. This Super Reflex mechanic isn’t easy to master at first, but the more you play, the more familiar you’ll become with how it works.

Performing perfectly timed dodges, whether it’s melee attacks or shots, can enter Super Reflex. This gives you a great window of opportunity to get revenge on an enemy or clear out opponents who get in your way in front of you so you can keep skating smoothly.

That covers our Rollerdrome tips for gaming. Will you be playing the game in the days to come and shoot and skate in style while pumping bullets through your enemies’ heads? Well, if so, be sure to read our Rollerdrome review for an overview of our thoughts and more advice on playing the game.

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