Riot Games is releasing a new update for Project L

It’s no secret that Riot Games is working on a new fighting game and more updates will be released over time Project L. The development team behind the project has released another update to the game that might excite fans. Some of the team members sat in front of the camera to discuss the game and provide information. That Video was published on social media Channels.

New gameplay video

The video showed some members of the team currently working on the game. Riot Games also shared some gameplay information. Just like some of the company’s other titles, Project L will also feature champions from League of Legends.

Picture Credits | Riot games

In the gameplay video, champions like Ekko, Ahri, and Darius can be seen fighting each other. Darius LoL abilities have been carried over to the new fighting game just like other champions. In addition, the game has changed from a one-on-one fighter to a two-on-two tag-based. It will contain different modes. This will add more depth to the gameplay of the new title.

“We want to make a game that’s fun to play right away, while still being worth the time you spend mastering it. Our dream is to make sure our champions have fast, strong abilities, look really sick while doing it, and are even more powerful when paired with flexible systems,” said Shaun Rivera, game director and gameplay design lead for Project L.

Information about the game was already given a while ago. The first time we heard about Project L was months ago. It’s no secret that the company is working on the project.

“Our first reveal of 2019 indicated one possible direction we could take the game. But Project L is in R&D: the phase of game development where we explore options and find the fun. Today our explorations have borne fruit and we’ve ended up in a place we’re all pretty excited to see! Now that was a great moment to catch you up, especially with all of the Undercity Nights celebrations taking place across Riot.” Tom Cannon, Project L’s senior director and executive producer, said on Nov. 20 .

With the new information, it can now be said that the team is moving quickly and steadily. Updates have been sparse, but the last major update was the 10th anniversary.

The most anticipated fighting game

Project L is one of the most anticipated fighting games in the fanbase as he will breathe new life into the industry. The LoL sports scene is quite big and the new title will surely benefit from it since it will use the basics of LoL. Some of the best LoL players like Faker love playing minigames when they’re in the queue for a new game in LoL, and Project L seems to be a great fit for that.

The next update is expected to come in the first quarter of 2023 and the team will continue working on the new title until then. Riot Games has released different games with different genres but this will be her very first fighting game and the hype is getting bigger and bigger every day!


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