Review of Kansas, Iowa Community College Football

WICHITA — Junior college football will take its game apart from rules accounting.

The Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference will be using a side line repeat for many beginning Saturday, August 27 beginning in the 2022 fall season. The Iowa Community College Athletic Conference will also use the replay to review questionable and verifiable games.

The Kansas and Iowa conferences will be the first football conferences to use non-NCAA Division I replays. This comes as both conferences have brought back an alliance to plan games together after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re really excited about the replay,” said Craig Helser, supervisor of KJCCC officers.

The cost of the replay and system per school is $1,500 and includes a sideline and end zone view. The white hat will have access to an iPad in a designated area on the touchline to review a game when the time comes.

Here are the pieces that can be checked:

  • Scoring plays, including a possible touchdown or safety, field goal attempts that are over or under, inside or outside of the crossbar and posts,
  • Incomplete or complete passes, a legal or illegal forward pass,
  • dead ball or loose ball, including fumbles, stopped or continued forward motion,
  • kickoffs including touching a kick,
  • alignment
  • Interruption of a game (timeouts)

For full and complete rules on replay, see the NCAA Instant Replay Rulebook.

Helser spoke about the rule change and the installation of Replay at the Jayhawk Conference Media Day. He said officials need a plan of where the replay will be on the field so officials’ teams know when to call games.

One of the examples Helser used with the Jayhawk and Iowa community college coaches was a penalty kick during Hutchinson’s and Independence’s regular season game at Hutchinson. Helser recalled a personal foul, a late hit penalty mistakenly awarded to the receiving team during a kickoff return, which set the team back.

Independence won at the last second.

Another example used is Butler Community College, which submitted 12 target plays to the KJCCC office, which concluded that officials were wrong on all 12 calls.

Kazar also pointed out the importance of filming, saying videographers will be important when it comes to replay. Access to replay will help ensure games are accessed correctly, the conference said at media day.

Billy Watson is a sports reporter for The Hutchinson News and has been based in Kansas since March 2021. For story ideas you can email [email protected] or send a direct message on Twitter @Hutchsports or @billywatson4l.

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