Resumption of mandatory indoor masking at UCLA due to surge in COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

What you need to know:

  • Restored universal interior masking
  • Food and/or beverage service is strongly discouraged for indoor gatherings
  • Required weekly COVID-19 testing and daily symptom monitoring to continue

Dear Bruin community:

The past few weeks have shown a steady increase in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County and on our campus. In the past week alone, UCLA had almost 870 new cases, which would put us on the “severe” level according to the UCLA COVID-19 Pivot Matrix (PDF).

Responding to current trends is important to us so we can reduce the risk of infection without disrupting in-person learning and campus activities, including opening ceremonies. To stay ahead of the curve, our campus is taking several proactive measures detailed below:

1. Reintroduction of universal interior masking

An important strategy to contain the spread of COVID-19, in addition to ongoing testing and daily symptom control, is the consistent use of well-fitting masks indoors. This simple and practical measure and mandate is reinstated effective Friday, May 27 and will remain in effect until Wednesday, June 15 (subject to extension) for all students, staff, faculty, partners and visitors to the UCLA campus force, regardless of vaccination status.

Mask-wearing is also strongly encouraged indoors off campus, and indoor off-campus gatherings should be reconsidered when limited mask-wearing is expected, e.g. B. where people eat and drink.


  • Buildings not owned by UCLA: This requirement applies to UCLA’s main campus and does not apply to leased or non-UCLA-owned buildings, which must follow their respective building management protocols. In these instances, all UCLA members and their guests are still strongly encouraged to cover up indoors.
    • Note: Per UCLA health protocols, a mask requirement is still required at all clinical sites in both UCLA-owned and leased buildings.
  • Performing arts rehearsals and performances: Students, faculty and staff who are required to remove their masks during indoor music and performing arts rehearsals involving wind instruments, vocals, etc. can continue to do so provided they adhere to the weekly surveillance tests (PDF). Masks must be worn in indoor rehearsal rooms when not actively practicing, rehearsing or playing.
  • Indoor dining: Those dining indoors can remove their masks while eating or drinking. Al fresco dining and take away options are highly recommended. Food and drink at indoor events and gatherings is strongly discouraged as it requires the removal of masks.

Indoor opening ceremonies:

  • All attendees are required to wear masks indoors, including UCLA affiliates and outside guests.
  • Opening speakers may remove their masks to deliver their closing addresses.
  • Graduates may temporarily remove their masks while walking across the stage and being photographed on or off the stage.

Upgraded masks are free for students, faculty and staff at the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store, John Wooden Center, all dorm front desks, Student Activities Center and Ackerman Union at the A-Level information window (next to the post office).

2. Food and/or beverage service is strongly discouraged at indoor gatherings

Serving food and/or beverages indoors at meetings and gatherings is strongly discouraged. If organizers plan to serve food and drink indoors, they should consider reserving a space that is too large for the number of guests and ensure attendees who do not have up to date vaccinations are at least 6 Walking away from others, keeping their masks off to eat or drink.

3. Required weekly testing and daily symptom monitoring to continue

The requirement for weekly COVID-19 testing (PDF) for everyone who works, learns, lives and/or regularly participates in on-campus programs, regardless of vaccination status, through campus vending machines and distribution centers, is extended through Wednesday , 15th extension reserved). Additionally, all individuals living, studying, working, and/or regularly attending programs on the UCLA campus, regardless of immunization status, must continue to complete the UCLA Online Symptom Surveillance Survey before or after their arrival on campus tomorrow, if you live on campus. You may not come onto campus for any reason other than a doctor’s appointment, if you are ill or have symptoms until clearance has been given.

The list of current campus protocols can be viewed in this helpful summary table (PDF).

NOTE: Those working in clinical areas of UCLA Health (including medical, dental, and nursing clinics) must follow COVID-19 protocols for healthcare facilities. However, those working in both clinical and non-clinical settings must follow these campus protocols outside of healthcare as well.

UCLA Pre-K-12 facilities (including Early Care and Education Centers, UCLA Lab School and Geffen Academy) will continue to follow specific protocols previously communicated separately from schools.

With just two weeks until the end of the school year, let’s all do our part to keep ourselves and our entire Bruin community healthy and support our common mission to start a safer summer.


Michael J Beck
Vice Chancellor of Administration
Co-Chair of the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

Megan McEvoy
Professor, Institute of Society and Genetics,
Institute for Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Co-Chair of the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force

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