Relationship Tips: 6 Healthy Relationship Habits of Happy Couples

Relationships are very fragile and require constant effort and attention in order for them to grow and thrive. Happiness in a relationship does not happen by accident. Healthy couples work wisely to build and sustain their love. Developing healthy habits is vital to a relationship as they not only help a couple become more intimate but also help strengthen the bond between partners. Maintaining habits helps couples build strong, lasting relationships that grow stronger every day. Couple habits support a healthy relationship by reassuring the couple, maintaining closeness, and deepening the bond. Keep these habits fresh and exciting by changing the small routines instead of continuing them forever. (Also read: 7 tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship )

Amber Dalsin, psychologist and couples therapist says: “Often you are confused as to why you are unhappy in your relationship. If so, then it’s probably because every little problem isn’t that bad. But every little problem adds up and it’s death by 1000 paper cuts. Deep down you know that these little arguments create stress in the relationship and slowly create a breakup between you. Imagine having a partner who could handle your upsets without getting upset yourself. Think about how you would feel if your feelings were acknowledged in your conversations and you really felt seen and heard. Imagine if you had a partner who could listen to you sympathetically.” In her recent Instagram post, she also suggested six healthy habits for happy couples.

  • Use strategy to foster deep love, keep peace, and feel confident that you are compatible.
  • Before starting your day apart, do a quick two-minute check-in. Check-in offers an opportunity to build our emotional intimacy and express ourselves more authentically to ourselves and our partners. This activity will help foster more meaningful engagement with your partner.
  • At the end of your days, spend 20 minutes catching up on each other’s days. Tell about your day and your experiences and just talk about all the emotions you have been drinking since the morning. This strengthens the bond and makes you happy and carefree.
  • Express positive and kind words to your partner. Instead of hiding your feelings, let your emotions do the talking. Be transparent with each other no matter how bad or good you are feeling. Expressing yourself in a relationship is very important.
  • Engage in at least five minutes of safe and loving physical touch throughout the day.
  • If you can’t fix a bump in the road, schedule a time when the problem can be fixed. Make an actual appointment with each other. If you live together, put the phones on vibrate, put the kids to bed, and let voicemail answer your calls. Go to a favorite coffee shop that you both like or to a park, sit quietly and talk about your problems. Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship.

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