Reece Sylvester: Washington State Redshirt Review

Reece Sylvester ( Thornton)

THE LONELY REDSHIRTING free security from recruitment class 2022, Reece Sylvester looks down the path of a great opportunity to carve its way onto the depth chart this season. The 6-1, 180-pounder from Houston came late into the class of 2022, signing with the Cougars over Rice, UMass and a handful of FCS schools.

But with the off-season attrition from the security unit, Sylvester is lined up to step into the backup-free security role behind it Sam Locket. Adrian Shepherd had cast the role last season but with his move Sylvester should be the next man. student in the first year Adrian Wilson will likely be in contention as well, but Sylvester has an experience advantage and will impress the entire Spring Ball before Wilson arrives in the summer.

Sylvester didn’t play last season but he wants to prioritize versatility. At Sterling High, in addition to playing defensive back, he was a double threat quarterback, throwing for 1,092 yards, rushing for 1,084 yards, and totaling 29 touchdowns. That suggests speed will be a big part of Sylvester’s game, as it’s required for free security.

During last year’s fall camp, Sylvester certainly showed lightning. He ran mostly with the threes but made a handful of plays in both coverage and chasing the ball carrier. There was a specific day CF.C remembers Sylvester aborting a pass Tony Carter to intercept and then secure an interception of his own against Emmett Brown. Sylvester was also caught earlier in the camp.

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Back when Sylvester first spoke, he told CF.C that the campus absolutely blew him away, though the Texas native noted he’d seen snow in the middle of January when he made his official visit.

“The campus is really nice,” Sylvester. “It’s close to each other. It’s a small town. The stadium isn’t that big but they had told me it’s a very different feeling and when I got to Martin Stadium it was a very different feeling. I was like ‘wow!’ And they said there was snow and stuff, but I got off the plane and it wasn’t that cold, I expected my teeth to shake.

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