Reasons why creators should switch to live streaming on StreamKar

Sep 27, 2022 10:07 am IS

New Delhi [India], September 27 (ANI/PNN): All work and no play makes Jack a boring boy. But with StreamKar, as content creators focus on their work, this platform also offers a spell of relief and tremendous fun. Planned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, this India-based start-up will receive investment from leading US Android developer Tipping Points Technology Limited. StreamKar has crossed international borders to reach global desi audiences. With more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a wide presence on the iOS App Store, there is ample evidence of how this platform has changed the landscape of video content.
Reasons for developers to switch to StreamKar
This is a fun form of communication that brings joy to both the creator and the audience. This video streaming application allows real-time interaction with users where individuals can make new friends worldwide. Digital creators thrive on the platform and their content aspires online. “People can grow their fan base through live broadcasts, and who doesn’t like to be popular? Here is her chance to shine and showcase her talent to the world.”
Multilingual diversity on StreamKar
Imagine being able to express yourself in a language that viewers prefer and are comfortable with. StreamKar is a unique platform supporting English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam. StreamKar has changed the live streaming game with its innovations. It’s not just limited to streaming; Users can play addicting games, send each other gifts, and participate in competitions and fun battles with other streamers.

The best platform to express your opinion
Live streaming on this platform is not about one person preaching. Streamers can join audio chats where numerous hosts talk about a variety of topics. Therefore, joining such chat rooms can be an enlightening experience as people can hear more than one opinion on topics ranging from fitness and health care to lifestyle and mental well-being. There are many filters streamers can try while interacting with their audience to expand their following by showing a quirky side of their personality.
Prioritizing user security
One of the main reasons why individuals should switch to StreamKar is the strict security policy. This platform is the benchmark for prioritizing user security. It has hired a group of human moderators to control harassment or bullying, which is common on such platforms where the audience has the freedom to communicate openly with each other. The app’s community guidelines protect the dignity, integrity, and identity of streamers, as these are most at stake when influencers broadcast themselves. It strictly forbids nudity or sexual content and has robust profanity filters to prevent vulgarity of any kind. Negative content or videos that may initially negatively impact the reputation of the user and the app are strictly prohibited. StreamKar also does not tolerate violence of any kind and discourages viewers from providing their personal content such as social security numbers, addresses, contact information, email IDs, videos or pictures. Spamming or using the platform for commercial purposes is not supported. StreamKar also discourages the use of misinformation or the dissemination of false information.
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